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    Finished Midweek Cooking Event - May 2020

    looks fun!
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    happy birthday!

    happy birthday!
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    Finished Parkour Tournament

    looks fun
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    Finished 4th of July Firework Display

    I got the chips
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    Accepted Wall-E and EVE Parkour

    Love this map! You worked so hard on it and I love the way it turned out! +1
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    I just found this forum...

    Yo! Nice to meet you! I main on Parkour so if you ever wanna give that a shot, you know who to call for help!
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    Parkour New Year Giveaway!

    ign: astatiine best gift: Xbox resolution: to spend more time with people in real life, and limit the time I spend on my pc.
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    Yum or Yuck?

    Yum Ricecakes
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    Rejected Vodka Bottle

    Doesn't look too bad, it could be a bit longer but it is an easy map. Overall the jumps are not too hard, not too easy and have a bit of variety. The build could look way better, but it's more about the parkour than the build. +1 from me.
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    Rejected Shrek's Swamp | Medium

    Looks good +1
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    hi james69

    hi james69
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    Rejected Connect 4 /\ Insane

    Looks nice! +1
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    Accepted Parkour "Aloha" - Medium

    BEAUTIFUL. It looks absolutely AMAZING! +1