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    Who's at the end of your friend list?

    Damn this thread is bringing back memories, The last person as far as I remember, was last seen in 2017, and of course probs an only creative player.
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    Creative Spawn

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    We need a new build team / builders / builder rank!

    I literally said "They disbanded the build team years ago"
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    We need a new build team / builders / builder rank!

    They had a build team, but then removed it, now Dacon just gets someone to build it.
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    Factions S16

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    Rejected OldAntiqueDeskLamp - Expert

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    Tug of War

    -1 (10)
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    coldplay slaps

    coldplay slaps
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    Tug of War

    no -1
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    Tug of War

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    Islands Season 6

    if this comes through and is actually good, I'll play it.
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    Rejected Air Force One - Hard

    Hello 4th, I'm going to be giving you a -0.5 with a list of the reasons below. The Build / Theme: The build looks really good, but there is already an Airplane map (donator) with just a few changes. The Parkour is what got me the most. It felt like it was a little repetitive in some places...
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    Rejected OldAntiqueDeskLamp - Expert

    Map Built by: Claptain_ Parkour Built by: BluePottwal Plot #: /plot home Claptain_ 19 Checkpoints: 7 Jumps:87 Pictures:
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    A little rant.

    ah yes, the haters are just made that you are more successful than you've been since you've joined. Ignore them and keep up what you like to do best. At one point I didn't have a discord account cause I didn't really know what it was, but when I made it and started using it for manacube discord...
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    Rejected DeepIntermission: Wii Sports

    not 2, 3