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    Old timers??

    Wow...Its been a while. Does anyone happen to remember me? Wayyyyyy back, OG Minevast factions ;)
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    Haha what's up ham! Thought I'd come back and say what's up, it's been over a year lol. So much nostalgia
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    Hello old friends :)
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    It is rare to see Mods on Factions

    A bit late in reply, sorry about that but anyways, I have not been as active lately as I have been in the past mostly because of school work. I am aware of my inactivity and you can expect me back on more than a few hours a day during the summertime. Also feel free to apply anytime!
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    Server-wide Roll Backs

    Same :(
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    You can now sell ores in the shop!
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    DarkSlayers (Sign Up Here)

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    Faction Update

    you wanna go m9? ill qyikskope yew all dey m9.
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    Faction Update

    Dont wet your panties there jason.
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    KitPvP Map Poll

    I would love to see the old kitpvp map back in action!
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    Firework company selling fireworks!

    Next time I see you online ill buy a few from you. :)