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    Anyone else getting vote treasure chests instead of keys?

    I prefer chests, saves going to spawn to open the keys
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    Teleport Pads

    I think I saw them in the valentine's chest this year but I could be wrong
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    Survival rese

    Everything gets deleted. Everything is reset and its just like starting from the first day you joined the server. However there are a couple of things you keeps which are: + Cubits. Your cubit balance will not be reset + Season Vault Items. Items that say 'season vault access' on them when you...
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    I didn't time my parkour run :( although last week I did complete it before everyone else and won 500million $. Which was nice since I was running low on funds. I think I was just lucky alot of players had more lag than me and quite a few players couldn't understand how to make the slime jump...
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    I always find plenty of spaces that are untouched to build on. Just fly in one direction for around 20 mins and then you find land that no one has found/bothered to touch.
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    What is your favorite brand phone?

    I prefer Google phones
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    Teleport Pads

    You can only win teleport pads in seasonal crates. I'm not sure if they're in every crate you would have to go left click the star wars chest and look at the rewards. Failing that, you could buy them from other people too.
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    Question of the Week #11

    I like my big dogs. If I was to get a dog tomorrow it would be either a Japanese Akira or a Doberman
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    I love this server!

    Survival would be great again if it actually got reset
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    When is the new season arriving?

    Supposed to be this month but we'll see
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    Season 6 Idea

    In my opinion this isn’t a good idea. Cubits are basically real money which you earn by voting for the server, which in turns makes the server rating higher to attract more players. You can also buy cubits on the store. 10 cubits for $10. You will never be able to buy cubits from the ingame shop...
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    Idea for season 6!

    Yeah I just have done java :D i was seeing what people thought about it at first. Here is the link.
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    Idea for season 6!

    Hi guys, I just came up with a thought for a new idea for season 6 and wondered what everyone else who plays survival thinks. There are alot of players who like to build houses ect and then sell them afterwards, I myself like doing this sometimes as it breaks up the constant grind. So my...
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    Survival Parkour Event

    Sign me up rap :) I’ll give it a go
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    Kill Assists

    I do not play KitPvP all that often but when i do i find it quite annoying that i get so many assists and barely any kills. Would anyone else agree that assists should count towards kills after a certain amount of assists? Maybe after 5-10 assists they count towards kills? It was just a thought...