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    Rejected Kunai - Easy

    can't try out the parkour atm but the build looks great !!
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    Accepted Energy Sword - Medium

    this is dope what
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    Rejected Valentine - Easy

    Happy to help! Like I said, play the new easy maps and see what they do. None of them have the same jump more than twice. Also, your map doesn't have a real central build, which is important to make a good map. A lot of new people play the first easy maps and make maps like yours, which is okay...
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    Rejected Valentine - Easy

    Cute, but not a manacube map. I'd recommend playing the new easy/med maps to see what they are like and what the build expectations are. Also, the parkour is too simple w/ no variation. -1
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    Rejected Articuno - Insane

    ayo good map bro
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    Hi everyone!

    welcome to the server!
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    Accepted SqueakyPeeper - Easy

    would be a shame if she went missing... i demand 200k mana or emma gets it
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    Hi everyone!

    yo welcome to the server
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    Accepted SqueakyPeeper - Easy

    is the doodoo wall included
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    Accepted SqueakyPeeper - Easy

    why is there a wall of doodoo around it
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    Accepted Nintendo DS - Easy

    When I think of a DS I think of bright colors and stuff, this looks very sad IMO. I'd change it to be like a bright blue or red or even like white, anything other than gray. I also agree with Bin, you should put something on the screen !!
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    Rejected Dumbbell - Hard

    The jumps range in difficulty IMO. One second I think I'm playing an easy then the next I'm playing a hard. Not sure what others will say. I'll also say I'm not very fond of the no fingers thing, I would try and make it so there are at least divots in between the fingers, not just some...
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    Rejected BedRock Map - Hard

    this map is too hard i think it should be an insane :(
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    Rejected Getting Harder

    omg slay i love this map !!