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  • I kinda need help. AKA why i’m Typing this to you. I accidentally typed in my birthday like 4 years of by accident and I was wondering if you could make it so I could change it.
    Help please... I have ghost blocks in my sugar cane farm on skyblock....X =715 y = 72 z = -2821 just in case i am not on when you are this will get you to the area - pistons should be behind sugar cane some rows of them not there
    Hi, I would like to make a complaint because i bought VIP on the server but i changed my name before logging on to claim it. So now i don't have VIP on ManaCube and am a bit annoyed. I am hoping you guys can recover it for me or something like that. Thank You.

    Edit: It also took away all my stats?!? HELP
    what I like about you is you can be fun and you can be strict. thats what all staff should be like :)
    In Survival I can't turn off my particles, I turned on wings and now when I do/particle remove it says I am not allowed to use that command please fix this. I'm a MVP
    To remove particles, open up /trails, and then click on the paper at the bottom of the GUI that pops up.
    No worries. <3
    Hi there after the rollback on skyblock the other day quite a few o us lost stuff - many players have posted in the forums under skyblock but nothing seems to have been sorted as no staff have answered us.
    Just wondered if you could get someone to look at our losses thanks
    I was giving them to him for a rank for him to upgrade - i have since used some more of my cubits to upgrade him which hopefully will work.
    Hi there about 10 minutes ago Its_alle sent me some cubits back - 20 that i gave him but as he wasnt sure how to do it he was giving them back for me to do for him.- but they never got back into my possession.

    Is there a way to reinstate them to me please. as they take ages to collect.
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