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  • Ok so I just posted my new map named: The Four Hobbits. Check it out pls cause I'm very, very happy with it and I hope the reviewers will like it or just the idea cause I spent 3 days building it mostly cause I had alot of details
    Ok so everyone has seen Unsolved Mystery of Herobrine by Drean at this point and that video freaked me out so much. But when I was a little kid I really thought that herobrine was real until my brother said no it's not real and explained it to me. I went out looking for herobrine on hundreds of seeds before he explained it so I was pretty sad about that. But It was like prob 6-7 years ago.
    ok so I wasn't too happy with the dream one so I deleted the thread BUT I will upload it again. It was the red thing on his face and some other details but the parkour will remain the same lol (:
    Hello I'm new to the forums and kinda new to the server but I build some maps
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