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    Add Asgard Season 3 Legend Trophies to Olympus

    Silent for Asgard president because all of this is valid and I 100% agree with all of this.
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    G0reds Departure

    The best thing about manacube for me is the community and how tightly knit everyone is with each other. You can join any vc or any server and they will let you in with open arms. IGN: CS_Caleb Discord: cs#5749
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    [CLOSED] 100x Christmas Crate Giveaway

    IGN: Cs_Caleb Discord: cs#5749 Server: Prisons Memory: My favorite Christmas memory is when we would watch movies on the last day of school before break @TTuller @silentinhales @TeamJacob
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    Since MineVille merged with ManaCube the forums also merged and I think that should include the old MineVille specific servers. Even though a prisons merge is happening it would still be cool to add Asgard as its server to look up just like Aether and Atlas. Also adding Earth and maybe...
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    You'd be bad smh my head
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    Motivational Quote #2

    Cheater, you used an image. According to everybody else I'm just the boring one. Assuming they don't think something worse. It doesn't matter if that's how they actually feel or not, all that matters is what I think. My hobby is imagining how the people around me view me as a person. I don't...
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    Spawner Uses and why they should be removed.

    If they're not removed they should be balanced. Either more frags or more money from spanwers. May be banned but still have input