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  • Oh, I also just noticed something. A couple months ago, you added in lava to creative. Now (at least with a lava bucket) you can't place lava anymore. No lava on the world was deleted, as far as i know, and you can still spawn in lava with "//set lava" World Edit command. So that also needs fixing. Thanks Dacon!
    hey dacon its spartangirl here, on parkour i am a premium and it took it away can u plz help me get my donator rank again? thx
    In Creative, I had Permanent Advanced World Edit, now I can't do Advanced W/e commands like "//undo" or "//brush …", however, I can do simple W/e commands such as "//wand" and "//set (block)". I believe I have basic W/e now. So if you could help me get back Perm. Adv. W/e that would be great(I need it to start a new plot for a grade)! If you can't give me Perm. Adv.
    W/e then can you at least refund me my 120 gems so I can attempt to buy it from "/shop"? Anyway, I know you have others who have bigger problems, so minorities this problem if you need. Thanks anyway! I'm excited for the new update though! Bai!

    Hey Dacon, I have bought VIP rank for $8.49 for skyblock and hub. But when I logged back onto skyblock, it said I was Mv+ only. I have lost everything in my inventory and echest. The best gear you can get including eff 5 silks and tones of stuff. I hope you can fix this problem. Thanks
    Hey dacon I have VIP rank on all of the parts of the sever except in parkour could you please fix this for me please thanks
    Hello! I just need to tell you, I have legend rank on Minevast's creative server, but none others. Can you help out? my name is marioguy77
    Edit: Actaully, i don't even have access to all of the legend commands on creative. mostly ones involving mobs like /pet and /disguise.

    I was wondering if you will make it possible to apply for moderator on the parkour server this would be awesome.
    David H. (SHORTY_KIDD)
    On parkouce, I tried /claim Vip, went to the website, however when I tried to buy and such it said I wasn't allowed or something. Could I please have some help when you get the time?
    On here I'm a "new member" but I have VIP in Minevast. Shouldn't I have Donator?
    Dacon don't mean to bug you but I sent my staff app in about 2 weeks ago and I have zero replies does that mean its a automatically denied?
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