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    Rules will be announced in the next few days
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    RELEASING FRIDAY AUGUST 23RD @ 3:00PM EST CLICK HERE FOR COUNTDOWN What is Factions? Group up with other players in a Faction. Claim land to build and protect your base. The amount of land you can claim is based on your power (1 power = 1 chunk). Each player contributes 50 power to a faction...
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    I will post a factions related meme every day factions isn't released

    what if i dont release factions for the memes
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    JULY 2019

    TOP VOTERS & ISLANDS | STAFF PROMOS | STAFF OF THE MONTH | CHANGELOG | UPCOMING | MONTHLY STATS | TOP VOTERS:mc_264-0: The vote leaderboard has now reset Congratulations to the top voters! You will all be receiving 20 cubits tonight/tomorrow morning There will be...
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    There will be a bunch of updates/bug fixes for Olympus this week before the new realm is released Also we have a lot of advertising going on in August so we really need a 2nd server if we want to grow at all
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    :mc_46-0: Factions Announcement this weekend! ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Olympus has been hitting it's capacity for quite a while now, so like Skyblock we will be releasing a 2nd Olympus Realm! The current realm (Which will not be resetting...
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    There'd be no separate worlds from the main ones, just separate stats
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    | MAP CREATORS & RATINGS :mc_421-0: Maps now have a 5 star rating system, and will also show the creator of the map in the Parkour Log! After you complete a map, if you have not rated it yet, you will see this message in chat: The average rating for that course is shown on the log. After...
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    Manacube shop item idea

    manacube has already been blacklisted for years
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    The Mystery Chest is an exclusive treasure chest promotion for when we hit big milestones. Inside you can win a bunch of mystery themed loot, as well as ANY of the past treasure chests in 2019! What milestones did we hit? - 20,000+ Discord Members - 100,000+ Monthly Active Players - New...
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    New Skyblock Realm - S7 Legends - Expanding - Bug Fixes

    NEW SKYBLOCK REALM | SEASON 7 LEGENDS | EXPANDING | BUG FIXES | SKYBLOCK OASIS :mc_6-4: Skyblock Oasis will be our 2nd Skyblock server, releasing on July 13th @ 2:00PM EST We will be renaming the current Skyblock server to "Skyblock Aztec" (because of the aztect themed spawn). Oasis will...
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    Skyblock Season 8 Information

    | OVERVIEW :mc_387-0: Date The server will release Saturday July 6th @ 2:00PM EST Use Google to convert to your timezone Reset Vault Any item with the lore "Reset Vault Access" or "Season Vault Access" will be able to go in /resetvault on Season 7. [Must be VIP rank or higher] These vaults...
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    June 2019

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    June 2019

    Found out Pride Foundation doesn't accept donations from Canada, so we're doing 65% to Trevor Project & 35% to HRC Added proof of donation to main post