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    Its a goodbye from me

    Hello, I have locked this thread since it is turning into flame wars which is not tolerated. DatShop
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    Thanks guys <3

    Thanks guys <3
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    Faction betrayal

    This would be considered insiding which is against the rules. If you have proof you can create a support ticket so we can take a look at your case. Remember to include as much detailed proof as you can. DatShop
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    Favorite Server on ManaCube?

    Factions. I grew up playing this gamemode I love it to come back and play it after several years. I love the raids, looting and working your way up.
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    Can you make one map like castle tower in a mountain. I have this idea a long time in my head...

    Can you make one map like castle tower in a mountain. I have this idea a long time in my head but never managed to create one satisfying for me. Would love to see your result if you decide to make it ^^
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    I didn't get my vote keys

    In the future vote when you are also online in-game this way you will definetly get your rewards. Maybe you can try /cr claim in-game but I doubt that it will work. However, you can try, and remember to be online in-game when voting in the future.
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    What show/movie/tv series are you currently watching at the moment?

    I am watching vikings season 5, I can recommend it to everyone, love it!
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    Any suggestions on what to build?

    Create a castle-tower in a mountain. If you build it, share it would love to see the result!
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    How to calm yourself?

    - First of all make sure to know what makes you angry, if you can just walk away from that situation. - As you mentioned yourself keep breathing, and if you can find some water, drink it. - Find an activity where you can release your anger. You play hockey if you really enjoy it keep playing...
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    QOTD #3 !!!

    1. Real estate 2. Real estate 3. Real estate Since my income stream would increase with 1m or 10m in all of a sudden my lifestyle wouldn't change immediately so I would invest everything in, make a guess ... , correct! real estate. :)
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    Info for new players

    Hi there, first of all the rules of factions and other servers is posted under more > rules & info ( Also in game you can type /help which will give you a menu with different options where you can get information. Besides...