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    Favorite Dipping Sauce?

    sour cream with chicken/burgers ketchup on pancakes and ofc mustard on pizza :p
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    What show's are you currently watching and what are your favourites?

    you should watch "The Real Housewives of Orange County" its a personal favorite of mine
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    Scammed by Manacube

    they bought an unban for the autoclick... @NotEnoughDrip i suggest talking to an admin and getting it deal with
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    I asked a girl out and she said yes!!

    its actually because your ugly
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    Factions S4; CANE ECONOMY

    @Dacon @SunsetMagic @Boomclaw @ChocBar please dacon do this or make a official discord poll admins get this heard
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    Factions S4; CANE ECONOMY

    A SugarCane Based Economy -------------------------------------- Pros; -Not as P2W -Grinders are Rewarded -New Method of Money -Can always be removed/changed -Efficient and can work with the MCMMO plugin Cons; -Grinder Heavy -Implementation Could Take 1 Season -Need New Plugins -Might Bring In...
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    Quarantine Thoughts

    please keep racism out of the forums, thank you
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    The 2021 National Manacube Convention.

    Jacona, we could just do it in dacons basement
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    Why ChocBar Is The Best Staff

    @MrBugs im sorry, but you will be perm banned for tthat
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    Why ChocBar Is The Best Staff

    ChocBar Is The Best Staff! if you disagree i will get you banned and/or target you in whatever gm you play! <3(please help me) all other staff are still good, but choc is best
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    Whoever deleteted my post f u

    some butthurt staff deleted my post, for no reason other than because they are shit and mad cuz bad
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    Whoever deleteted my post f u

    We cant have shit on this server, so i thought hmmm maybe a nice Best Staff Vote but nnooo some dumbass had to go and delete it for being divisive and innap. ??? like wth someone is mad they wont win, f u
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    2020 Manacube Election Results

    i actually inherited from Dacon, due to the fact that i poisoned him
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    Do staff get paid?

    admins do, now had I won owner, all staff would..
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    I Became a Transgender

    you are running as a man