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    Miracle that I saw this months later

    Miracle that I saw this months later
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    Your most punny friend

    Your most punny friend
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    Accepted Mannequin - Medium

    Hi! Your map has been accepted! The theme is unique, the jumps are varied, and it is fun to play! Thank you for submitting :D
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    Rejected WaterWorld Easy Map (MY BEST MAP YET)

    Hi! I'm sorry but your map has been rejected! This is due to the fact the theme of your map is not unique and the jumps aren't varied. However, the build is good! Thank you for submitting and I hope to see more maps from you in the future! :)
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    General talk

    Thank you!
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    General talk

    I'm thinking of training to be a primary school teacher. I'm applying to go to university next September, so I'll quit all of the jobs then :)
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    General talk

    My life's going pretty well at the moment! I have 2 jobs. I work in a Pharmacy, and a job with cats. I'm also training to work with children, so I work in a school :) I only really watch Netflix, but at the minute I'm watching Grimm, atypical, and I'll be watching Riverdale as soon as it's...
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    What you're favorite animal

    Cats are the best animal. !00%. No question about it.
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    Rejected Stonks Man By robdarober

    I am sorry but your map has been Rejecting. I am rejecting to due there being no clear finish, the map being unattractive, and the lack of varied jumps. Thank you for submitting though!
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    Rejected Ruinous Mine By Shio12 (Easy)

    As you have deleted your map, I will reject this thread. I hope you make another map soon!
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    Rejected Honey Bee [Easy] (Updated) {Luci told me to revamp it}

    Hi! I'm sorry to inform you but your map has been Rejected. This is due to the lack of parkour being incorporated into the build. Inside the bee itself, there isn't really any parkour. All of the parkour floats around the bee. The parkour needs to be mixed into the build. Also,= the jumps aren't...
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    Accepted Newtonium Mine - Easy

    Hi! Your map has been ACCEPTED! The map has a unique theme and it looks fun to play. It also suits the difficulty you have chosen due to the number of the jumps and the type of jumps. Thank you for submitting!
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    Favorite Staff Member..?

    is that the plot that purpz and I spent over an hour getting rid of?
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    Favorite Staff Member..?

    Only because you used to store drugs with him on prison ;)
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    I am in charge of every events puns!

    I am in charge of every events puns!