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    Parkour - Season 2

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    Halloween Ghosts

    Just a quick guide for getting the Halloween ghosts in spawn and lounge (not map maker spawn this time). All in spawn except Ghosts 7, 8 & 9 which are in lounge. Recommend using a fishing rod if you have one or switching to 1.16 as some of the heads are hard to click on. Also check coords on...
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    Ultimate Banner Info (names, pictures, sales, etc)

    Is cool to see you find as many banners as you can... Only thing is banners can still be crafted. Only certain ones cannot be crafted as easily however. All it requires is a fishing rod, a lot of patience and a few dye bundles from ancient crate and there is your free custom banner. Would be...
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    Olympus Season 4

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    200-1000 CUBIT GIVEAWAY!

    IGN: IdkU Discord: Toby#8191 Wow that's a big giveaway, thanks for hosting!
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    rant about locked.

    I like the idea of a time limit until locked expires. It seems a bit ridiculous to get locked for such a small thing and appeals being rejected for who knows what.
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    Mana multiplier for prestiging

    Ahh yes, I see your point now. It would also create the issue of boosting as some players would earn a lot and could just pay to lower prestige players to quickly rankup. Any suggestions on how this could work?
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    Mana multiplier for prestiging

    I was thinking that the multiplier would infinitely scale with prestige as it still take the same amount of completions to prestige if you were prestige 2 or prestige 35 due to increasing the rankup costs by 0.5x as well. So it turns into a main aspect of the game to grind for mana, prestige...
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    Mana multiplier for prestiging

    In parkour currently, the amount of mana earned is always the same. If a (non-donor) prestige 22 player does the same insane map as a (non-donor) prestige 0 skilled rank player, they will both get the same amount of mana - 200. What if each time you prestige you gain a 0.5x mana multiplier? Of...
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    Accepted Fire Lion - Hard

    Username: JustKyrO & IdkU Map name: Fire Lion Photos of your Parkour: The # of your Plot / or warp name to it: /plot v JustKyrO 1 Difficulty (Easy, Medium, Hard, Expert, Insane): Hard Number of jumps (Optional): Around 60 jumps
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    Rejected ChristmasMorning - Hard

    Nice lookin map with good parkour that fits the hard diff that it's meant for +1
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    Idea: Add a Favorite Maps Tab to Parkour

    They did have a method of choosing maps with the command /log (mapname) which was a nice addition but of course it broke and was never fixed. I think making it easier to select certain maps would be a really nice update to parkour as it means you don't need to go through all pages just to reach...
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    Legendary Chest to Parkour (Suggestion)

    Nice ideas, would love to see portable checkpoints be added. Think that in the ancient crate, they should add a low chance of getting a legendary key. Otherwise ancient crate looks good. Feel like the bold/italics perk should be a rare rather than uncommon and the legendary boots seem like a...
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    YESSS competitive seasons sounds great!! Love the updates, excited for more to come!!
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    People have 8 votes already....

    Its actually just one vote link that is every 12 hours. Last month the top voter had 200 votes which isn't possible with 6 votes so it does count. Just gotta figure out which one it is ;p