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    Upcoming Midweek Horse Racing - May 2020

    Missed the one on Saturday, hopefully ill make it to this one !!
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    Teleport Pads

    I have not seen Tele pads in seasonal crates, from my knowledge the only place you can win them is in the Elite crate, which you need elite keys to open. Keep in mind you need the elite rank aswell. Java
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    Question of the Day #20

    Something like 78% sure
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    Question of the Day #20

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    Question of the Day #20

    I think it definitely had its perks and its flaws, I was able to get my grade up in a lot of my traditional classes but ended up getting a lower grade in a more hands on class, as I was not able to do any hands on activities. Its a give and a take imo. Java
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    Survival rese

    Yes, commands should roughly stay the same, though keep in mind all of your current tempfly balance will be reset. Java
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    I love this server!

    Make Survival Great Again ! They are planning it in May, We should get an update soon! Hold tight. Java
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    I love this server!

    It do be ;)
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    Question of the Week #11

    I have always wanted a German Shepard. They are just what I visualize when I think of a dog. Plus they look awesome, duh. Java
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    Do you fear death?

    I do not fear death and never will
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    Why you should redeem your kits, every single day.

    Hey Brood! This post was more about explaining how effective your kits would be if you claimed them daily, not recapping what was in them. I actually used /previewkit to get a lot of the information I used here! Java
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    Is there survival reset?

    Hey Mega That was confirmed here, Java
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    Why you should redeem your kits, every single day.

    This will be a long post, so bear with me LOL. Recently I sat down and was curious as to what the maximum potential for kits are, throughout the entire season. In this thread, i'm gonna break down each kit, a short description and show how much sweet sweet loot you can receive if you redeem...
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    Favorite Fruit?

    Its hard to decide between Apples and Blackberries. A banana smoothie never hurts either ! Java
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    Question about me/ general questions

    Being a YouTuber is all about having a good following. I think you are pretty embedded in this community, and we will support you! You have to remember it wont all come at once, though! It will be a tough road, but i'm sure you can handle it. Maybe even ask a few of the content creators around...