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    Rejected Isle of Dawn - Expert

    Howdy bastards I made a new map. Name - khirina Map Name - Isle of Dawn Dif - Expert Jumps - 87 CPs - 10 plot - /plot v khirina 11 This build is the temple from the Isle of Dawn from Sky. You should play it, its better than manacube for sure Thanks to Pink, Tas and Pris for being cool...
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    Accepted Tidus - Insane

    Map Name: Tidus ===------- Creators: khirina (build), GamersDecision (parkour) ====------ Plot: /plot v khirina 9 =====----- Difficulty: Insane ======---- Jumps: 96 =======--- Checkpoints: 10 ========-- =========- This was my first big dive into organics, so enjoy it please thank you...
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    Accepted Geffi - Medium

    khirina o Geffi o 39 Jumps o 3 Checkpoints o Medium o /plot v khirina 8 o o
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    Accepted Zelda - Hard

    certified classic
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    Rejected Snowman - Hard

    Great map, I found the second half was pretty difficult but that's what makes it fun!
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    Accepted Pond (resubmission) - Hard

    Hello Prisioner and SoccerChicken50, Your map is being put into ongoing. This means I have officially judged it and will be discussing it with the other map judges. Be patient, this may take a few days! Have a good day, khi
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    Accepted Notre Dame - Insane Map by TigerTwist

    ngl theres something about the parkour that irks me. As it is, it's perfectly acceptable but it feels like its trying to cram all of these unique concepts and one-off jumps into a big map that ends up feeling like a slug fest of variety. The fact that it uses many jumps from music park (and i...
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    Accepted Music Park - Insane

    music make you lose control
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    Accepted Flower Dome - Insane

    Name: khirina Map Name: Flower Dome Dif: Insane Plot: /plot v khirina 7 Jumps: 91 CPs: 10 A map 2 months and over 100 hours in the making! Def my biggest project, and probably my best pk. Hope you guys like it "I was there every step of the way" -Des lol
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    What is Block Variation?

    please @ parkour staff just give us floating parkour please and also loosen the block variation rule please literally every respectable parkour server doesnt have these requirements and it would make the parkour here infinitely better please please please
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    Rejected Ice Climber - Hard

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    For only the best parkour players' eyes only...

    the best parkour player is the one who joins the parkour community for 5 minutes, then leaves forever and does something productive with their life
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    Top 10 Hardest Insane Maps

    Yo two maps on top 10? truly epic, maybe i should make that 3 :)
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    Rejected Redstone Mania - Hard

    buttons can be used, its just pistons that arent allowed (for redstone)
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    Top 10 Hardest Insane Maps

    this is video gaming if i find a cool building i might make another insane but harder, who knows