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    Forklift - Insane

    From the pictures you have shown us I can tell you put effort into this parkour - the build overall is very nice and well put together. I wish you luck with your submission and can't wait to try the parkour out in-game. :D Can't wait to see some more submissions from you!
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    Top 10 Easiest Insane Maps

    I've done Tardis so imma take your word for it and try the ones you have ranked easier ;)
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    Count to 1000 Before a Admin posts

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    Count to 1000 before staff post!

    Even when y'all cheated still didn't make it - we're actually back to 2.
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    Aquatic Adventure World Record!!!

    Nice job! Aquatic is the only one I just cannot get a decent time on :rolleyes:
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    Factions Season 5

    nicee !
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    June 2020

    NICEEE !!!
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    What's your favorite Artist/Singer?

    FINNEAS do be a good one :)
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    Dacon Q&A

    Build battle has been disable for a while now.
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    Ultimate bad plot list Part 3

    Thank you, all of the plots above have been dealt!
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    Reviewing Sci-Fi - Easy

    Username: Kingaroo and UwUAmber Map name: Sci-Fi Photos of your Parkour The # of your Plot / or warp name to it: /plot home Kingaroo Difficulty (Easy, Medium, Hard, Expert, Insane) Easy
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    tv show / movie recommendations

    Lucifer - Season 1-4 are on Netflix and Season 5 [part 1] is coming out on August 21st gives you time to catch up. :D Also may have binged it and finished it in a few days, really got into it. :oops:
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    Map Submit

    Hey @VortexGamer7 ! I wish you luck with submitting your map! Please read the requirements and formatting found here - and then submit your map here - . -Kingaroo :)
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    MANACUBE TRAILER + Champ map sneakpeeks

    This is awesome sil! :)
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    Kairewyr's Best Staff Tier List

    I've had too many skins, idek who I am anymore. :oops: