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    Voting is down

    Hey! Admins are not in charge of fixing the back-end issues, as they do not have permissions to upload/edit or delete any of the server files. The voting issue encountered, due to switching of the space to a faster and newer one. As @Dacon stated on Discord. The network had to reboot and the...
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    Counting to a million ;)

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    global mana exchange

    Although, it's a good idea, I don't think it would actually go live. Exchanging mana from one server onto another would be unfair in my opinion. Let's say, you have an overpowered pickaxe on Olympus. You gain mana like crazy. Then you'd like to convert it onto Parkour. You have done no stages...
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    Olympus Auction house.

    I don't think it is possible to directly change the GUI of the Auction House plugin via a config. You would have to directly hook into the plugin's source code and modify the java classes from there, which may be not allowed in some cases, depending on the license the author provided, and...
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    Unfortunately, from what I know Essentials doesn't provide a permission to remove warps made by self. Let's suppose you'd have the permission to /delwarp. You could basically delete a warp of any other players and warps pre-made by the network staff. Pretty abusive, huh? Yes, it would lead to...
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    NPC Suggestion For Olympus

    What do you mean by 'remove the enchantment'? Like, remove it permanently off of the pickaxe, or remove it, but also give the token of the enchantment you just cleared to your inventory? If the first option is what you meant, then I don't feel it would really be worth it. It's better having...
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    ManaCube Level & Network Guilds

    This surely is a great and game changing update that will effect daily activities on the network. I'm saying daily, because almost everything you do on the network will grant you experience, depending on the activity. Completing parkour maps will give you a lot more experience, compared to...
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    July 2018

    Congratulations to all the players, as well as the staff members for their hard work and time put into moderating the network. Judging by the high ratio of unique players, but at the same time low amount of unique forums account made, we can tell without a doubt that the website would have to be...
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    rank not showing

    There is a command that is accessable only on the /hub of the ManaCube network. It is currently temporarily down, as I was told by a moderator. I can't update my rank as well. However, if the issue is going to be patched, you may type the /link command on any of the Hub servers, as I mentioned...
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    System.out.println("Welcome to my wall!");

    System.out.println("Welcome to my wall!");
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    I cant get into the server.

    From what I know this connection exception is caused by the Bungeecord. Connection refused = The server didn't allow you to connect. No further information = There are no additional informations about the exception. Thus meaning the error might be on your side, probably caused by your network...
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    Alphabet Forum Game / By Miku

    Rotisserie Chicken
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    Suggestion for Blocks Broken.

    I really feel like this would be a good feature to be implemented onto Olympus. Mining and getting the same value of mana isn't really paying off that much. But with this feature being live, it would speed up the process of gaining it. All in all, great idea submission and l'd love to see it on...
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    parkour symbols?

    A green star represented after your name on Parkour, means that you are a donator - a [VIP] in this case.