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    [ENDED] 30 Cubits Giveaway

    qMika Mika##0065
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    20 Cubit giveaway!

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    Accepted DrHakim - Expert

    Builders: ThomasHyper, qMika Map Name: DrHakim Plot: /plot visit qMika 18 Difficulty: Expert Jumps: 85 Checkpoints: 8
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    [ENDED] 10 CUBIT GIVEAWAY (New Style)

    qMika Mika#0065
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    [ENDED] Crates + Cubits GIVEAWAY

    qMika 12345 Sir if I don't win I'll make sure that Barca will lose against us in the 2023/24 UCL finals o>
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    Hex Codes in /nick

    +1 if it's not just a patron perk (for obvious reasons)
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    I got nothing from a crate

    Make sure to provide all evidence needed, including /manacrate history so they know it actually happened ^-^
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    It's not me who will decide whether you have violated the rules or not, this is something staff will decide. For that you'll have to be more patient - telling everyone that you're innocent won't make things go faster... :/
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    Heya, I've seen that you said that you already appealed your ban. You just need to be a little bit patient until staff finds time to look at it, and if you actually are innocent, you'll surely be unbanned soon!
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    There have been multiple cases in which a player, who was permanently banned, was unbanned. But that always depends on many things, such as what the affected player has done. But I can give you a good tip: show that you have changed! Why should you be unbanned if no one can be sure that you...
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    Name Color in Chat

    You will need the "Bold & Italics" perk to be able to let your/nick be bold, cursive, underlined etc.. Also make sure to not have space anywhere in your /nick, otherwise it won't work.
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    Community appreciation posts are the best!! :D
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    What games do you play other than Minecraft?

    At the moment I mostly play Minecraft, but the other games I also sometimes play besides that are FIFA, Fall Guys, Rocket League and Valorant... ... and if my computer was less like a potato, I'd also play Battlefront 2, but that's not possible right now *-*
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    Expert Maps- Which maps are the easiest?

    In my opinion, most of the older experts are rather easier in comparison to the newer experts. They usually have simpler jumps - which make those maps repetitive sometimes, but easier to finish. Those are maps like Shatteredworld or Oceanwaves. That's why my strategy is to just do the Expert...
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    How to create a poll

    Heya, when you create a new thread, you can select a field where you can add a poll to the thread: After you have done that, you can select the options of your poll: When you filled out those sections, people will be able to vote on it! ^-^