I'm bored lo


Parkour list (With theme) here :
Mapper, Map Manager and SrMod
52 accepted maps :
10 Easy : RoyalFlush, VivaPiñata, Bloons, TimeGear, GravityRush, Waluigi, Merry, CalamityShrine, Lucina, QB
10 Medium : TrickyTowers, Pikmin, Inkling, TemShop, KannaKamui, ManacubeZoo, Rikka, Jevil, Yoshi, Chandelure
10 Hard : Cuphead, ParalysedTower, Witch, Mankanshoku, NightmareBeforeChristmas, SquidMelody, Gyroïd, Reuniclus, BowserJr, "Hibiki"
10 Expert : MorayTower, Hwahee, Megumin, WaterfallMadness, Elevatia, DropKick!, Octopus, Celeste, Aqua, Nezuko
9 Insane : Zaphkiel, EiffelTower, DropOut, FakeZaphkiel, Zadkiel, K-On!, 7, Monsters,Inc, Shanoa
3 Dropper : Leyline, Xmas Factory, "Ants"
? : "MP"
I'm lazy lol



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