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    Manacube QOTD #3

    My favorite mob is also the fox! But I wish that different dog variants were added already. I feel like that update should've come with the cat update :/ penguins would be nice too!
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    Manacube QOTD #2

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    Manacube QOTD #2

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    Manacube QOTD #2

    my favorite mods are Minecraft Comes Alive and the Cocricot mod!
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    Hey! I'm Lila and I'm 17. I love playing video games (Minecraft, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and Stardew Valley are my faves!) and writing :)
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    Thanksgiving Giveaway of 75 Cubits!!!

    IGN: tinyScorpio13 Discord: tiny#4510 Fave Manacube Memory: When Jecksun bought me VIP and the Apollo tag because he wanted me to have /nick
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    Admin help

    Hey! This is a little late, but in case this happens again: Do /ah and click on the:mc_264-0: in the bottom left corner. This will pull up all of the items you're currently selling. Click all of them to cancel and re-put them on /ah. It's a bit awkward, but that should do the trick. Hope this...
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    Scrambler idea

    I think that'd be a nice addition to all game modes! Different rewards for different speeds. Maybe not a first, second, third type of system but say if you get under 1.5 seconds you'd get 300 mana, under 2 you'd get 250, under 3 you'd get 200, and so on. Most game modes would have varying...
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    This is my 500th post!

    I've got a long way to go....oopsies...anyway hi acid :)
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    How did you come up with your Minecraft username?

    I've had a stupid amount of usernames in the 6 years I've had this account. Most of them relate to an old server I used to play. My very first username was GoldenCheese1, and as lovely as that is, I didn't like being called "Cheese" by my friends. I was hoping for Goldie...Anyway, I took a 2...
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    this is extremely valid, but is it also valid when you don't have a lot of milk left? sometimes when milk is running low I pour it first so I don't screw up the cereal:milk ratio
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    Perks for Patron and Patron+ ranks

    I didn't know you guys had a suggestions website! Thanks for telling us, Kayla!
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    Perks for Patron and Patron+ ranks

    Whether or not Patron and Patron+ are classified as ranks, I have to agree. I'm not a Patron, but the people who spend so much money on the server deserve more than just a prefix and a crown. I think there should at least a Patron crate (like the one Elites get), special kits that come with...
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    what is the point of plots?

    This reply is a bit late, sorry! Bloro and Hapy's responses are perfect. Plots are meant to help make money in other ways besides mining. Or, you can just build as you please! Personally, I have a cactus farm, iron golem grinder, and a mob grinder on my Atlas plot. If you ever want to check them...