Parkour - Season 2


Dec 25, 2016
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May 29, 2022

We've thought long and hard on how to approach any kind of parkour reset. After considering multiple possibilities and feedback from the community, we've decided this is the best way to do this.​
The following will be reset upon release of Season 2.
- Mana Balances​
- Mana Pouches​
- Ender Pearls​
- Speed Potions​
- Jump Potions​
- Cooldown Reset Tokens​
- Prestiges​
- Rankups​
World records will also be reset due to abuse in the past, but probably will never reset again after this.​
Everything else will remain as is, your vaults, inventories, map completions, stats, etc.​
There will be additional "Season" stats & leaderboards for
- Map completions​
- Dropper completions​
- Adventure map completions​
- EXP (Score has been renamed to EXP)​
These are separate from your All-Time stats.​
These seasonal stats are what will be required to rankup & complete prestige challenges.​
You can view both season and all-time stats/leaderboards in all of the same places.​
Maps in the parkour log that are completed during a season will be blue.​
Seasons are not set lengths in time, and a new season will release when we feel the community is both ready for one, and we have content ready to release with it. Content updates will still continue as normal throughout a season. Seasons will be at least 1 year in length.​
Release Date: Friday, May 13th, 3:00PM EST
Read below for all the new updates in Season 2.
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Rankups have been revamped and there are now 11 ranks, each with their own requirements to unlock rather than only a mana cost.​
The starter rank is now called [Novice] instead of [Noob]​
The requirements for these rankups are seasonal, meaning your all-time stats do not contribute.​
- 5 Easy Maps​
- 200 Mana​
- 15 Easy Maps​
- 3 Medium Maps​
- 400 Mana​
- 25 Easy Maps​
- 10 Medium Maps​
- 1 Hard Map​
- 800 Mana​
- 35 Easy Maps​
- 20 Medium Map​
- 5 Hard Maps​
- 1500 Mana​
- 50 Easy Maps​
- 40 Medium Maps​
- 20 Hard Maps​
- 1 Expert Map​
- 2000 Mana​
- 75 Easy Maps​
- 75 Medium Maps​
- 40 Hard Maps​
- 2 Expert Maps​
- 3000 Mana​
- 100 Easy Maps​
- 100 Medium Maps​
- 60 Hard Maps​
- 5 Expert Maps​
- 5000 Mana​
- 150 Easy Maps​
- 150 Medium Maps​
- 100 Hard Maps​
- 10 Expert Maps​
- 8000 Mana​
- 200 Easy Maps​
- 200 Medium Maps​
- 150 Hard Maps​
- 20 Expert Maps​
- 1 Insane Map​
- 15,000 Mana​
- 250 Easy Maps​
- 250 Medium Maps​
- 200 Hard Maps​
- 50 Expert Maps​
- 5 Insane Maps​
- 25,000 Mana​

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There are now 12 unique prestige challenges to complete, instead of just a mana cost.​
The requirements for these challenges are seasonal, meaning your all-time stats do not contribute.​
Each challenge also has a 50,000 Mana Cost. Prestiging does not reset your rankup.​
Complete 2000 total maps (not unique)​
Ultimate Challenge
Complete 1000 unique challenge mode maps​
Reach 250,000 EXP (Score)​
Reach 1000 jumps on the Spawn Parkour​
Complete all adventure maps​
Fairy Hunter
Find 100 Mana Fairies​
Easy Completionist
Complete all easy maps​
Medium Completionist
Complete all medium maps​
Hard Completionist
Complete all hard maps​
Expert Completionist
Complete all expert maps​
Insane Completionist
Complete all insane maps​
Dropper Expert
Complete all dropper maps​
If you manage to complete all prestige challenges, you will be rewarded with the prestigious CHAMPION rank, and head placed inside the Champions Hall.​

Parties are pretty overdue. They are a great way to parkour or chat with your friends, share items, and compete on a new leaderboard!​
Use /party or /p command​
/party create [name]​
/party info [name]​
/party invite [name]​
/party kick [name]​
/party setleader [name]​
/party rename [name]​
/party desc [description]​
/party disband​
/party chat (Private party-only chat)​
/party vault (Shared 27 slot vault)​
/party here (Request all party members to teleport to your map)​
/party top (View party leaderboard, based on total combined season EXP)​

Season Completions
The log now shows both all-time and seasonal completions for each map & category.​
When you complete a map during a season, the map icon will change to blue. (And enchanted blue for challenge mode)​
Green maps are maps you've completed, but have not completed during the current season.​
Rating system has been converted from 1-5 stars to a %.​
The 3 options to rate a map now are [Like] [Meh] [Dislike]​
Map ratings are now actually insightful as they will show exact % (Eg: 87%) instead of everything being 4 stars..​
We will also be changing the default filter to sort by rating instead of global completions.​
When completing a map, it will be put on a cooldown reward nerf for 60 minutes. The icon for this map will change to a clock and the description will show how much time is left on cooldown.​
If you complete the same map again during this cooldown, you will only receive 50% of the original mana and exp. This is to encourage players to try new maps, however grinding your favourite maps is still very much viable.​
Keystone Integration
The Parkour Log is now the actual keystone. So you can change your settings, cosmetics, view rankups, prestiges, droppers, adventures, challenges etc. all from the main menu. Hotbar items are now only the Keystone Star & Checkpoint Compass​
New Sort Filters
2 new sort filters added​
- Newly Added​
- Rating​
Your filter preferences are now saved permanently instead of resetting on server reboot.​
- /log [map] GUI now also shows information about the map​
- World Records are now viewable by everyone, no longer need to complete map first​
- World Record announcements will be silent for the first 2 weeks of release​

You can now access everything adventure related from a single menu - /adventure
Your progress on adventure maps are now saved when you leave. This means you can also play on multiple adventure maps at the same time! The current checkpoint you're on for each map will be shown in both the menu and the adventure room at spawn.​
Adventure Inventory items have also been cleaned up​
2 new maps are released with this update​
Created by @Uneasilly​
Created by @Tufart_59

Dropper Maps are now a part of the Parkour Log! You can now see total completions of each map, global completions, ratings & more.​
Droppers are now categorized into difficulties, with set prizes like regular maps. @Shinxray and @Hayleyx are now also able to add dropper maps to the server​

Every hour a Mana Fairy will spawn at the end of a random map. A message will be broadcasted telling everyone when this happens, and a button to click to teleport to that map. (You can also type /fairy)​
The Fairy only spawns in the Challenge World, and the first 30 players to reach it will be rewarded 100 Mana! Claiming 100 fairies is also one of the prestige challenge requirements.​

The old outdated mana shop is being discontinued in replacement of a revamped shop that has new items and perks every week! You can visit this shop at spawn or type /shop​
Each week there will be 5 hats, 3 balloons, 2 design banners, 1 disguise & 1 particle effect.​
These will rotate out every Saturday​
In total there are 200+ hats, 60 balloons, 50 banners, 30 disguises & 25 particles to unlock!​

The new command to race is now /race [name]
This will open up a GUI menu where you can select the map, bet amount (mana/cubits), speed settings & also enable PVP!​
You can now also race multiple people at the same time, simply type /race [name] [name] [name] etc.​

The Practice world has been deleted, as it was inconvenient and barely used. Instead you can now practice on live maps!​
Typing /practice will put you in a new mode where you can fly and are invisible to other players. Finishing maps and setting checkpoints is impossible while in this mode.​
Typing /practice again will send you back to your body​

Parkour will remain on 1.8, however @CullanP has added newer version features.​
These features will only be fully useable when on 1.16+​
Hex Colors
Parkour now supports 16,000,000 hex colors, to be used in Titles, Chat Colors, Ranks, Renames & more​
When on 1.8, these colors will be converted to the closest default minecraft color.​
Our Wardrobe system is now accessible, and you can set hat & back gear with the /wardrobe command​
More wardrobe rewards will be released in upcoming crates, and they will also become withdrawable and tradeable.​
1.12 Blocks
1.9, 1.10, 1.11 and 1.12 blocks have been added. You can use these when making maps, and with WorldEdit.​
When on 1.8, newer blocks will be converted to the visually closest 1.8 block.​
(Example: Orange Concrete will show as Orange Terracotta for 1.8)​
Not all items are added, only solid blocks​
Parkour is about to get a lot more colorful!​

The parkour staff team have been working on a new lounge! This will replace the old one and be accessible right inside spawn. Inside you will find a player art gallery, seating, staff offices, potion bar & Champions Hall.​
This will be a surprise, no sneak peek​

All of your cosmetics can now be seamlessly managed from a single menu - including new cosmetics added like Wardrobe, Balloons & return of disguises.​
Settings menu has been updated with new options, and dynamic toggles to quickly see what you have enabled/disabled.​
- Player Visibility​
- Chat Visibility​
- Night Mode​
- Sidebar​
- Redstone Radio​
- Private Messages​
- Server Tips​
- Speed​
- Profanity Filter Settings​
/jump [name]
Teleport to the map a player is on​
Shows what map you're currently on​
ELITE ONLY, set you in gamemode spectator

2 additional mapper ranks have been added​
- 10 maps accepted​
- 1 map of each difficulty​
- At least 1 solo map​
- [Mapper+] Rank​
- MVP Rank​
- 50 unique plots​
- New worldedit brushes​
- Banner Maker​
- 30 maps accepted​
- 2 maps of each difficulty​
- At least 5 solo maps​
- [SrMapper] Rank​
- Elite Rank​
- 100 unique plots​
- More to be added..​

  • Can now have separate checkpoints in map maker world
  • Challenge mode timer now uses 0.000ms for more accuracy
  • Fixed going to last page of parkour log and pressing page button made maps disappear
  • Can now use bold, italics & underlining on signs
  • Disguises fixed & revamped to include more effects
  • Adjusted 1.12+ hitbox when crouching near ceiling to fix glitchiness
  • Manaray released
  • Shinx, Hayley and Map judges have made sure all maps are possible on 1.12 (Only easy to hard for the reset, experts and insanes will be changed after)
  • Performance improvements
  • Everything upgraded to latest mana software
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