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  1. Mogzy

    Factions Season 4

  2. Mogzy

    Shout out to the good members from Dream, Royal and Paprika

    <3 your build was amazing.
  3. Mogzy

    MARCH 2020

    Wooo GG!
  4. Mogzy

    Factions Duels K:D

    True , but /warp pvp which was once full of people now has 0 , and the keys we have bought contribute to nothing as nobody pvps there.
  5. Mogzy

    Factions Duels K:D

    I strong disagree , I’m not saying I’m right xD , but I feel the only reason them players are on the kill leaderboard is the OP strength , for example I know that I am the same level as ClumsyNumsy at PVP but when I /duel him I get destroyed , it’s not fair:)
  6. Mogzy

    Factions Duels K:D

    yeah , as a staff ive been spectating the duels system , i believe kills should be wiped and set to 0 as people can easily boost their way up to high kills , this is unfair because now what used to be a fun place (/warp pvp) where you use your items to get new items is now dull and boring , i...
  7. Mogzy

    Factions Season 3

    so excited <3
  8. Mogzy

    Another manacube meme

    Haha :D
  9. Mogzy

    And another one manacube meme :P

    Funny :)
  10. Mogzy

    Valentines sale? How much off.

    Yes , 75% is usual :D
  11. Mogzy

    Can we have another event.

    Events happen every so often , stay tuned in game or discord to stay connected!
  12. Mogzy

    Which Rank Do You Like More?

    For me , on factions , mvp is the most practical :) MVP for the win!
  13. Mogzy

    Can't we all agree that politics should be left out of the game?

    I agree , if it’s kept at a calm matter :)
  14. Mogzy

    What are you people doing on Valentine's Day?

    Report please :D I’m excited to see what’s happening on valentines though :)
  15. Mogzy

    Important ★VOTE REWARDS ★ [Click Here]

    Good ideas dacon :D
  16. Mogzy

    KitPvP Suggestion Regarding Team Size

    YES OMG!
  17. Mogzy

    Accepted YouTuber Rank

    Very nice YouTube application!
  18. Mogzy

    Joined Royal

    Congrats part of the family <3
  19. Mogzy

    Question about Factions

    Holding hostage is fine , killing is not. ;)