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  1. gangstaAD

    Shout out to the good members from Dream, Royal and Paprika

    Hello fellow players, A big thank you and shout out to all the members from Dream, Paprika and Royal who came down to the faction TPMSADR to fight off the raiders whose sole motive was to destroy my builds. Actually, it is my fault as I jumped into the faction PvP server with half knowledge. I...
  2. gangstaAD

    /f perm reset application

    Hello good men, I am in deep trouble along with all the faction members unless someone who is capable helps me out. It might take more than a few lines to explain the situation, so the thing is I used to play through MC leaks alt token, and through this alt I created a faction and climbed up the...
  3. gangstaAD

    Faction Worth

    What does the faction worth depend upon? Is it no. of mobs, Iron Golems, Average Money of the players or Farming? Please consider replying. Thank you :D
  4. gangstaAD

    Faction Raiding System

    Hello, I wanna know if I am at a risk of getting raided if i have no relations with other factions such as truce, ally, enemy, etc. This didn't occur to me at first and i have a well built faction above the ground, now i fear i might get raided and lose the builds. Kindly take the burden of...