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  1. SenzJinx

    I feel you man

    I feel you man
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    Refunds for the Black Market on KitPvP

    Maybe another section where it asks if you’re sure you go ahead with the purchase
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    Is this server child friendly?

    A lot of kids ( including me ) experienced the cod game chat lobbies back in the early 2010s, that was something else haha. If you really don’t want him to experience toxicity I’d say this server is usually a nice environment so I think he should be fine .
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    Where do u see urself in 5 year's?

    Owner of manacube
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    Ty <3

    Ty <3
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    what do you guys this about the changes corona is making?

    1. Depending on the country you’re from the lockdown restrictions will gradually phase out 2. A lot of people have more time on their hands because of lockdown. It’s a good opportunity to try to take up a new hobby. I’ve started to cycle as part of my cardio routine which I’m really enjoying...
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    Potential Polis Shopkeeper [KitPvP]

    Good idea, added other though cause there are other issues which should be getting fixed soon
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    KitPvP Suggestions

    I think those in charge of dealing with the anti cheat / lag issues need to be aware of the urgency of this. It is not like a normal bug which you can put on the back burner for a bit and wait till a dev finds a fix. It is not far off being considered a game breaking probem, which should prompt...
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    This is an issue related to the anti cheat. Still not been fixed yet
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    Favorite music

    Tame Impala Linkin Park Arctic Monkeys Eminem Like most music apart from mumble rap auto tune stuff
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    Favorite Fruit?

    Bananas are elite
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    Do you fear death?

    A good mindset to practice is Stoicism. It teaches you to not worry over things which are out of your control. Death is one of them. I could die tomorrow, but I have no idea so worrying is pointless. I guess my philosophy is that we have one shot of living on this planet, so try to live in a way...
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    The Last Straw | #NoMoreKitLag

    It’s sad because a lot of regular players have quit. Means at best new players stick around for a week or 2 and then leave, so it’s rare to see older players still logging on.
  14. SenzJinx

    fix the kitpvp lag --> combat logging (anticheat bug)

    This is the kind of quality posting we need on the forums. You’ve identified the issue and have given evidence to support it . we are kind of being left in the dark with the kit PvP problems. Players like myself want to know what the problem is and most importantly why it is taking so long for...
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    Movie List

    Series: Breaking Bad ( best tv series ever written imo ) Prison Break The Wire ( watching season 4 rn ) the sopranos ( not watched yet ) the wire and sopranos aren’t on Netflix but are absolute masterpieces. films: Source Code groundhog day The Truman show ps some of the things I listed are R...
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    Why im leaving mamacube

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    Kit PvP Prestige Kits

    This is a bad mentality . Every game needs a progression and a goal to work towards. Otherwise what’s the point of playing if there’s no thing to aim for.
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    yeah good idea. I know a certain other server which does this where you ./announce events such as a 32 man knockout tournament ( 16 would be more realistic for manacube ). good ideas but unfortunately all these possible ideas need to be put on the back burner as kit PvP has some major lag...