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  1. GummytheGod

    Hwello! :p

    Ahhh I can’t wait comic!!!!!
  2. GummytheGod

    Finished Midweek Horse Racing - May 2020

    Wish I could make it! But it’s 5am for me lolol
  3. GummytheGod

    i love survival

    good to hear! we all try to make this the best and most run community for players :3 new and old
  4. GummytheGod


    awww no mega :(( I will miss you on survival. You have been a great friend and just person in general on survival and all other gamemodes and you will be missed!
  5. GummytheGod

    What is your favorite achievement on Minecraft?

    obviously it has to be getting wood or got wood I can remember the exact name xD
  6. GummytheGod

    Stop The Lag Please

    What game mode do you play because if you haven’t tried it I would playing in the recommended version to reduce lag as wel. :3
  7. GummytheGod

    Next video poll!

    Would love too see the fake news video I think that would be super funny
  8. GummytheGod

    ManaCube Staff Team 5v5 | Fake Gameplay Trailer | Tournament of Champions!

    Pyro almost got the clutch xD that was great though, always funny
  9. GummytheGod

    I appreciate your time if you watch my Manacube Six Siege Fake Gameplay Trailer Video! :D

    I. Love. This. even thought I died early this was really great!
  10. GummytheGod

    Counting - Staff VS Community

  11. GummytheGod

    When is the new season arriving?

    As far as we know survival reset is due to be sometime this month. And we are all hoping soon :3
  12. GummytheGod

    Who is older than me

    16 :3
  13. GummytheGod

    Legendary Keys Giveaway

    I’m not much of a Olympus player but I’ll enter anyway :) also this is incredibly generous!
  14. GummytheGod

    Are you left handed or right handed?

    Right handed for everything :3 although my hand writing is still bad
  15. GummytheGod

    Proof I am john wick (Static GFX)

    Comic it too good. #nerfcomic
  16. GummytheGod

    I can finally die in peace

    The flex is real
  17. GummytheGod

    Finished Cooking Event - May 2020

    Sounds like fun! Hopefully I’m not as bad at cooking in Minecraft as I am in real life xD
  18. GummytheGod

    Building Competition This Thursday! 7:30 Central/8:30 Eastern

    I am happy to be a judge and see some cool and creative builds! I tried to think of something as a topic but I couldn’t think of anything xD
  19. GummytheGod

    EVENT - Rewards: Star Wars Keys!

    sounds very fun! I hope I can make it I will be close to missing it :(
  20. GummytheGod

    So uhhh about the new season.

    I have plans to stick with my party and continue to farm for money but also continue as a survival staff and help players :)