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    Change One Word

    Insurmountable changes
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    1000 maps - MANACUBE TRAILER

    Really cool video. This stuff doesn't get enough exposure to the entire community. Really cool milestone for parkour, even better video!
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    Change One Word

    Big words
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    Reviewing mtb130 - Staff Application

    Apologies for the most part the statistics are correct but they must have broke/not reset for Skyblock again.
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    Reviewing GamingLoot - Staff Application

    That's really good to know and definitely highlights a bunch of positives!
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    This really the sort of thing that should be posted on Manacube's official twitter. It's free promotional material and can be labelled as community content.
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    Reviewing mtb130 - Staff Application

    Hi Mike_! Currently you have 41 hours for this season. Obviously you could have just returned to Manacube but if thats the case you probably need more time to integrate yourself back into the community. Also with your prolonged break this probably means you have not fulfilled the 50 hour...
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    Reviewing GamingLoot - Staff Application

    Hi Gamingloot! You have written a good application which is to the point and highlights all your strengths. Really enjoyed reading it. Also to note is your previous experience which is always a huge plus!! At least from when I have seen you in game and certainly in discord is that you're kind...
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    Same here! I do have a small sample size...

    Same here! I do have a small sample size:
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    Coming soon I'm sure!

    Coming soon I'm sure!
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    A glitch I found

    Well now you know! Out of curiosity how we're you sharing links before if you weren't copy and pasting them?
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    What sparks your imagination?

    Enabling others to reach their goals and facilitate ways for people to get together and have fun. It's a small silly thing but it's what I really like about what I'm doing within Manacube right now. Seeing those goals realised and then achieved is also super cool.
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    What an animation. Really cool stuff Comic, can't believe you're doing this for free Dacon should be paying you to make promotional content for the server!! Really really cool loved your first video animation! Edit: Like and subscribe or I'll do something really really bad
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    or fake it till you make it

    or fake it till you make it
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    Hwello! :p

    What do you need? Edit: I'm dumb
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    I am back :D (Maybe)

    Welcome back Dancing.
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    Expanding on /afk

    Great suggestion. This definitely used to be a thing on Survival not sure why its been removed. Would nice if it was added again.
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    Reviewing TheBlackGate - Hard

    Build is super nice, I did get confused at times about where to go buts thats almost certainly just a me thing.