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  1. Leythis

    Accepted Minotaur - Easy

    Leythis & Cashisgr8 Minotaur /plot v Leythis 2 Easy 34 Jumps
  2. Leythis

    Rejected Hamster wheel - Medium

    Numericql and uwujj Hamster Wheel Medium 39 jumps
  3. Leythis

    Rejected Jenga - Hard Map

    Leythis & caseyclosed Jenga /plot v Leythis 2 Hard Difficulty 87
  4. Leythis

    Closed Dick - Easy map

    - Leythis - Dick - - Plot id -37;6 or /plot v Leythis 2 - Easy Difficulty.
  5. Leythis

    Decode this message!

    This is just a little game I thought of.. If you decode this message you might get something in return.. (Might require teamwork) The message is: lÌtìÌ
  6. Leythis

    Suggestion for Kilton on Skyblock.

    So I was thinking while I was looking at the ender pearl pack on the store for Parkour, there could be a soul pack for Skyblock. It could just give 100 souls but I think for a good price it could sell quite a bit. I know I would buy it!
  7. Leythis

    Headhitter training plot

    Hello! I am making this thread to inform you of my Headhitter training plot, If you do /plot v Etala 1 You can get there. There are signs explaining what to do after that!
  8. Leythis

    Rejected Maneki-Neko Map Submission

    Username: TheExodus_ Map Name: Maneki-Neko Helper: Savagebich Difficulty: Easy Plot ID: 54;-12 Jumps: 39 Checkpoints: 3