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  1. [DFC LEADER] Dadcon

    Factions S4; CANE ECONOMY

    A SugarCane Based Economy -------------------------------------- Pros; -Not as P2W -Grinders are Rewarded -New Method of Money -Can always be removed/changed -Efficient and can work with the MCMMO plugin Cons; -Grinder Heavy -Implementation Could Take 1 Season -Need New Plugins -Might Bring In...
  2. [DFC LEADER] Dadcon

    Why ChocBar Is The Best Staff

    ChocBar Is The Best Staff! if you disagree i will get you banned and/or target you in whatever gm you play! <3(please help me) all other staff are still good, but choc is best
  3. [DFC LEADER] Dadcon

    Whoever deleteted my post f u

    We cant have shit on this server, so i thought hmmm maybe a nice Best Staff Vote but nnooo some dumbass had to go and delete it for being divisive and innap. ??? like wth someone is mad they wont win, f u
  4. [DFC LEADER] Dadcon

    Official Dacon Fan Club Application

    Applying for Dacon Fan Club™ Explanation Post; If you have any questions regarding staff applications, feel free to send me a message @Dadcon Good luck, DFC™ Leader, Dadcon
  5. [DFC LEADER] Dadcon

    Official Dacon Fan Club

    |This Is The Official Post For The Dacon Fan Club™| Summary; We are a group of players who love Dacon and want to show our support for him and our love towards him. You are required to add DFC™ to your nickname ingame(if donator) and to openly recruit members to the application page. We believe...
  6. [DFC LEADER] Dadcon

    My Statement

    As we all know the vote week is upon us, this is a great opportunity for you to chose the future of Manacube. I have done nothing but tell the truth throughout my campaign, and promise change for the future. I am looking for your vote, to help make that difference, to help pull ManaCube above...
  7. [DFC LEADER] Dadcon

    Closed Corona

    ThatGuy354 (Dadcon) Corona ./plot home ThatGuy354 2 Medium 40 Jumps
  8. [DFC LEADER] Dadcon

    Why Vote For Me

    My Promise Of Change ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ -Chat Filter; Will Be Made Less-Strict. Like It Used To Be -=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+- -Events; Cubit Prizes, Less Lag, And Skill-Based Competitions Only...
  9. [DFC LEADER] Dadcon

    Official Owner Vote Poster

    VOTE FOR OWNER APRIL 2ND @Jacon @Dacon @Dadcon
  10. [DFC LEADER] Dadcon


    Vote DADCON
  11. [DFC LEADER] Dadcon

    ATTENTION; All Players

    Buy ThatGuy354 MVP+ ------------------------------- Can We Reach The Goal Of ELITE Progress -----------------/------------------------------/-----------------------/+------------/---------------/ VIP (Hydr0KT) VIP+ (Mohit4GHGaming) MVP (ThatGuy354) MVP+ (****) ELITE (****) Whoever Is Able To...
  12. [DFC LEADER] Dadcon

    Get Rid Of P6 and S6 In Lucky Crate

    Wth, this is total p2w garbage, I understand p5 and s5 cause those are POSSIBLE to get if you dont p2w. But giving people a COMPLETE advantage, cmon dacon have some self-respect and STop making everything garbage p2w. Why do you think 82% of "unique players" leave after 1 week, the player count...
  13. [DFC LEADER] Dadcon

    (M)Anarchy Gamemode

    (haha get the joke) But I feel that factions isn't quite free enough for players. Is an ANARCHY SERVER -No Rules -No Keys -Chatting is better -NO CLAIMS -Straight Chaos!!! vote for it How To Keep Its Upkeep; -Ranked...
  14. [DFC LEADER] Dadcon

    Most Annoying Player

    Who do you believe is the most annoying player on factions
  15. [DFC LEADER] Dadcon

    Goodbye, some of you

    Well, as most of us know WW3 is Coming Soon to countries near you. So, this means that some of our players may leave. I'm sorry to say goodbye, cause it isn't anyones' fault but the leaders of every country involved. So goodbye, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, good night, I hate to go and leave this...
  16. [DFC LEADER] Dadcon

    Change the Lang.

    Rules; 1. Change the Language of the Sentence------------------ 2. Don't Use the Original Language------------------------- 3. If Someone Uses English Ignore There Post----------- 4. Please Be Appropriate -------------------------------------- The Sentence Is; " Minecraft is a game of peace...
  17. [DFC LEADER] Dadcon

    Post Your Favorite Movie Line

    Rules; ---------------------------------------------------------- 1. Just Post a Line From ANY Movie ---------------------------------------------------------- 2. Please Be Appropriate ----------------------------------------------------------...
  18. [DFC LEADER] Dadcon

    3....2.....1... Happy New Year!!!

    Today is 2020, and i dedicated this post to be the first in 2020 EST ofc..
  19. [DFC LEADER] Dadcon

    Thread title

    This is a thread, no point just a thread, now how long can this thread get????