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  1. Presidenten

    Good farming map?

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    Least favorite jump?

    Fitters / squeeze jumps, pure coords annoying ass jumps
  4. Presidenten

    Dacon Q&A

    hello daocn any teaser on the parkour update?
  5. Presidenten

    Rejected Gymnast / Easy

    The build just feels low effort and doesn't look good, due to the small size and weird propotions.
  6. Presidenten

    Parkour Donator Rank Suggestions

    Elites doesn't have alot so you should focus on them, they should get more mana than MVP+ from beating a map. You should also add the promising /spectate command. Prefix is also very cool but is missing a lot of colors, you should either give away more prefix colors in chests or maybe sell it...
  7. Presidenten

    Rejected Giftshop / Medium

    Everything is indeed detailed, but the outside of the build is very important aswell. More depth wouldn't hurt
  8. Presidenten

    Rejected Giftshop / Medium

    I feel like the build doesnt hold up, its just an orange box..
  9. Presidenten

    Accepted Crane - Insane

    -1 a map because of the theme is lame considering there are over 1000 maps now. I think the theme is original and the build is very well made, the parkour reminds me of older insane maps but it's still very fun. A few jumps may be too hard (such as the crossup) and the end is pretty confusing...
  10. Presidenten

    Rejected UpwardsJourney (Insane)

    I'm gonna tell you I love this style of parkour, it's very fun and challenging. It looks good and is also varied, but not too a point where it's just random blocks like most new maps are. However I'm scared the the judges will reject the map due to "pArKOur flOaTinG tOo mUch" but that would just...
  11. Presidenten

    Rejected Jukebox - Medium

    You took an unoriginal minecraft theme and made it good looking, impressive
  12. Presidenten

    Accepted Hugo - Easy

    Something suitable to the character, im not sure who it is but maybe a grass ground or something
  13. Presidenten

    Accepted Hugo - Easy

    You should have a ground under your builds like many others do, it makes them feel more alive
  14. Presidenten

    Rejected Saiken (Expert)

    Orginal theme, havent played the map so im not sure about the parkour, it looks quite easy though. The build is very plain, you should have some more block variation and details.
  15. Presidenten

    big chungus

    big chungus
  16. Presidenten

    Accepted TheBlackGate - Hard

    I agree with gamers, it's overall a good map but the parkour is very hard and annoying. You also made the map in the wrong facing, meaning a lot of jumps will be even harder.
  17. Presidenten

    Rejected Manacube - Hard

    There is a map about minevast, the old server name
  18. Presidenten

    Rejected Washing Machine - Medium

    My laundry map already got a washing machine, but that shouldnt make the theme unoriginal. Although the build could be better, it's just a lot of quartz.
  19. Presidenten

    Accepted Haybot - Hard

    Thanks, should have mentioned that the bot is from the game scrap mechanic