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  1. Acid_Reflvx

    Reviewing Dutchy1372 - Staff Application

    I give you a +1! Although I don't remember meeting you I've seen you on the forums as kind and helpful. Your entire application was beautiful! Good luck and hope to meet you in-game soon! <3
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  3. Acid_Reflvx

    Upcoming Halloween Horse Racing Midweek Event! - October 2020

    Funny how we're inverted this time! I won't be attending so good luck everyone <3
  4. Acid_Reflvx

    Acronym game

    Play "Love Asparagus," please, lol, alright GOYPOITI
  5. Acid_Reflvx

    [OPEN] 40k Mana Giveaway #2

    Username: Acid_Reflvx Discord Tag: Acid Reflvx #3042 Number of hours on Parkour: Almost 30 (Favorite TV Show: I don't watch TV xd)
  6. Acid_Reflvx

    I think I'm posting too often

    Everything here I've posted last and it's all in a line HAHA (This is really me crying out for help HAHA)
  7. Acid_Reflvx

    profile pictures

    Wow kxe u a bargainer Did you make Bloro's? I'll keep trying for my own myself LOL
  8. Acid_Reflvx

    Ask Me Anythin

    What's your main gamemode, I want to meet you :>
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    Accepted Ejected - Dropper

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  11. Acid_Reflvx

    Ban the Person Above | 300,000 Views

    Banned for being online when I posted this
  12. Acid_Reflvx

    Ban the Person Above | 300,000 Views

    Banned for having a different ManaCube name than your IGN
  13. Acid_Reflvx

    Goodbye!!! :(

    I hope to see you sometime in the future again. You had good intentions. Best of luck. Acid
  14. Acid_Reflvx

    Just got Forum Master <3

    Just got Forum Master <3
  15. Acid_Reflvx

    Ban the Person Above | 300,000 Views

    HAHA Banned for noticing that Dacon is my savior B)
  16. Acid_Reflvx

    My Drawings of Dacon

    This thread has been moved to Creations
  17. Acid_Reflvx

    My Drawings of Dacon

    I have some drawings of Dacon I'll keep adding more <3
  18. Acid_Reflvx

    A bit worried about why I can see what I saw

    Yes do I have any warnings
  19. Acid_Reflvx

    My Drawings of Dacon

    I made some drawings of Dacon and every drawing I make I'll add to here Just because why not