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  1. WingsOfFire17

    Custom Join Message (Elite Perk)

    So lemme just throw out there that it's 4:18 in the morning where I am now. But I'm soooo excited for elite! One of my favorite perks is the custom message that you can create for yourself. If you plan to purchase elite, what do you think your message will be? Can you guess mine?
  2. WingsOfFire17

    From Islands, to you!

    Hey everyone! As season 4 of islands comes to an end, I want to thank y'all for a great time whenever I'm on islands. Hyped for season 5, and for the memories that we'll make! -Wings
  3. WingsOfFire17

    Guide to Island Level - WingsOfFire17

    Around skyblock, you might have seen people talking about island level. Or, you might have seen the 100$ paypal reward for having the highest island level, which everyone wants! Either way, you might be a little bit confused about it. Here is a breakdown of it, and how you can get it higher than...
  4. WingsOfFire17

    Nether Update reactions

    Hey all, I have just realized that at MineCon this year, that they released info about the Nether Update coming to Minecraft. If you haven't seen it yet, here's a link to a segment of it: What are your opinions on this update? I think it looks...
  5. WingsOfFire17

    Honesty, A pretty late Introduction but here we go! -WingsOfFyre

    Hello all! I feel as if I should introduce myself, although some of you might have seen me around the forums/discord/in-game. My in-game name is WingsOfFyre, but my username is WingsOfFire17. You might call this an attempt to seem unique, and yes, you are correct. I come from, you know...
  6. WingsOfFire17

    New and Improved Guide to Skyblock!

    Hey there! I see that you have decided to venture into the lands of the time-consuming and very fun world of Manacube skyblock! Here I will teach you and explain to you how to climb to the top, use different functions on the server, and much more! There is one thing that I’d like to get out of...
  7. WingsOfFire17

    Paradise Sell Wands not working

    Salve all, (Hello in latin) In Oasis Skyblock, Paradise Sell Wands are not working. All they do is open the chest. I was wondering if anyone has found a fix to this, as multiple people are having the problem. Thanks so much! Best, WingsOfFyre
  8. WingsOfFire17

    Why do you play creative?

    Hey all, I was just wondering why everyone here plays creative. I myself haven't played anything related to creative, and I was wondering if I should get into it. I can tell that a lot of people really enjoy it, and I wanted to know what makes it such a great game mode. Thanks! Best, WingsOfFyre