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  1. AlfieJay

    How did you come up with your Minecraft username?

    1) My name IRL is Alfie but Alfie-Jay is a family nickname. Originally I was like "there's no way it's not taken" so I did stuff similar to AlfieJay, like AlfieJayPlays back when that was cool and stuff like that. Then I, for the hell of it, tried AlfieJay and it worked so I've kept it ever...
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    What’s the stupidest reason you got in trouble in school?

    So I thought I'd share a couple of stories since teachers can be pretty unfair Both were in primary school. I was in year 8 at the time (12-13 year olds). We weren't allowed to carry our phones around with us in school but my parents made me carry mine on the way to and from school so every...
  3. AlfieJay

    Finished Pumpkin Carving - Oct 2020

    Just show up to the event server (/event) at the specified time Roughly 35x35 blocks wide There'll be a massive pumpkin and you'll be breaking blocks in it with creative mode. Watch out though, once you break the block you can't place it back
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    Count to 1000 Before a Admin posts

    619 o.o
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    we need more staff on creative ngl

    We're always looking for new staff, we just need the right people to apply Also you posted this in the wrong section so I moved it to ideas and feedback for you
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    SCAMMER ALERT: Ex-Staff Applicant!!!

    Hey there! As much as this thread might have been made with good intentions, publicly bashing players is not permitted on ManaCube. This includes "warning" other players about people who have experience breaking the rules. The punishments staff members give out for these rule breaks are...
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    Short answer, I'm amazing Long answer, it's broken and I can't change it

    Short answer, I'm amazing Long answer, it's broken and I can't change it
  9. AlfieJay

    Edit for the suggestions website

    When I'm not super busy with school work, I check suggestions every night before going to bed to approve stuff. Also I'm saying that it was a decision made by admins that certain staff members would have to approve everything, I think that was just the default and there was no objection
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    Where has all the "good" mods gone?

    Firstly thought the title was a reference to Shrek 2 (if anyone wants to make a parody, would cameo) Secondly there's a few reasons why people might get more warnings than others. Here are some of the most common I find myself and other staff members encounter: - Staff believe they can diffuse...
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    Edit for the suggestions website

    I actually really like this post, especially the feature Friday thing. I forgot that even existed xD Anyway the only thing I don't really agree with is community moderation. See when staff moderate the suggestions website, we're not deciding what should or shouldn't be discussed but instead...
  12. AlfieJay

    Event ideas

    I like the sounds of these event ideas but I worry that they're a little difficult to host on a large scale with any from 50 - 200 players at a time. If you want to you can try and host these as unofficial events by yourselves, I'm sure the community would love it as much as I would Also the...
  13. AlfieJay

    Cooking event shouldn't be a thing

    We're trying to get stuff done to make it more evenly spread but admins have this weird project called "ManaCube" that they are preoccupied with so we can't get them on side xD Also I find it weird that you haven't competed since we usually cycle through all the players, or at least those who go...
  14. AlfieJay

    Why are mini mods hated so much?

    Personally I haven't had a problem with most of the people who get heckled as "minimods", not to say it's not sometimes an annoyance. I feel that there's only really a problem when players try to tell people off, since this is what seems to anger people the most. If staff are unavailable then I...
  15. AlfieJay

    Survival Season 6

    FINALLY it's here. Anyway just here to give it more HYPE
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    Who's the best helper on Manacube? (Poll)

    I think we need a "best events srmod" round with a prize of 10 cubits. IDM sharing the prize with the other candidates so it's all good o.o
  17. AlfieJay

    2020 Manacube Election Results

    FELLOW NON-OLYMPIANS: It has become apparent to me that the vote was primarily decided solely by the outcome of only Olympus, Skyblock, Islands, Factions and KitPvP voters. As a proud ManaCubian sharing citizenship between Parkour and Survival, I will not stand for my leader being decided by a...
  18. AlfieJay

    Manacube Elections 2020 [BIG UPDATE PLEASE READ]

    Awww, I was too late to register my candidacy. Well I've voted so I guess I'll wait until the next election or just start a revolution at some point depending on how the year goes. Also: Called it!
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    Finished Parkour Tournament

    Parkour Tournament Sunday 8th March 2pm EDT // 6pm GMT Not your timezone? Click HERE!
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    Best Staff 2020 Poll

    Oof, imagine not existing xD