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  1. Ella_Mac

    (ENTERING CLOSED!!!) 30 000 New Years Mana Giveaway!

    EllaMacAndCheese it went pretty well, opened presents, had lunch & dinner with family and did secret santa with family as well.
  2. Ella_Mac

    Balloon Gadgets

    imagine typing Badgets instead of Gadgets. and imagine not being in the ss crying
  3. Ella_Mac

    an introduction or something

    thats pretty poggers A: i have feet that stick to the ceiling yes, where you can hear the thunder.
  4. Ella_Mac

    an introduction or something

    Hi I'm Ella, I'm from the land of the upside down and i play parkour. Feel free to ask me any questions!
  5. Ella_Mac

    Christmas Present Locations

    Hi people! For people who don't know who I am, I'm Ella and I'm a parkour main. Anyway that's beside the point, I basically wanted to make this post cause why not and I know that this is late now but I wanted to make it lol. Ok that is all of the gifts, I had to make the...
  6. Ella_Mac

    Name foods A-Z

  7. Ella_Mac

    Name foods A-Z

    kiwi fruit
  8. Ella_Mac

    Three People Giveaway on the 15th of Every Month

    ign: Ella_Mac disc: ellaaa#7903 keys pls
  9. Ella_Mac

    Finished December Karaoke! - 2020

    Welp guess I won't be sleeping then (not that I sleep anyway LOL)
  10. Ella_Mac

    I just want to apologize to everyone so please read

    Hey I know idk you too well but I just wanna say that I'm proud of you that you're trying to change to be a good person, it's hard to change to be good (i know from experience) and I wish you the best of luck in the future!
  11. Ella_Mac

    15 Cubit Giveaway!!!

    ign: Ella_Mac discord: big noob ella#7903 voted for parkour
  12. Ella_Mac

    $15 Christmas Giveaway!

    ign: Ella_Mac favourite mana player: dont got one, i love everyone on mana equally favorite mana server: parkour what i want: probably some christmas keys or vip for my alt
  13. Ella_Mac


    yuh yuh yuh yuh yuh yuh yuh pogpogpogchampion
  14. Ella_Mac

    Mana Giveaway!

    The winners have been decided now! 1st is @Rubie007 2nd is @MattTheCutie 3rd is @kxe Thank you everyone who participated in this giveaway and have a good morning/day/night!
  15. Ella_Mac

    Mana Giveaway!

  16. Ella_Mac

    Parkour Key Giveaway! (CLOSED)

    ign - Ella_Mac Anything sweet Pink
  17. Ella_Mac

    Mana Giveaway!

    you gotta make a ticket here An admin will update your rank for you.
  18. Ella_Mac

    Mana Giveaway!

    So I've seen people do giveaways and stuff now and it's made me wanna do one as well so I thought I should be nice and do this giveaway! Basically how this is gonna work is there's gonna be 3 winners. 1st gets 5000 mana 2nd gets 2500 mana 3rd gets 1250 mana. To enter, just type in your ign...
  19. Ella_Mac

    Giveaway :D

    since i have elite on my main, i wanna try getting elite on my alt ign - depresslovedlove discord - big noob ella#7903
  20. Ella_Mac


    my name is Ella and I am 18. I like playing on parkour and watching youtube videos :)