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  1. deekaroni

    Thank you!

    It was a great map tiger!! So happy to hear it's accepted, and I can't wait to try it again when it's added!
  2. deekaroni

    Let's talk about you.

    My goal is to get better at parkour! I’ve been trying to learn some more of the technical side of parkour and I think it’s pretty interesting and fun stuff! Now I just need to be able to do the things I’ve learned, that’s a whole other story o.O
  3. deekaroni

    What pets do you have?

    Bin I need to see a picture of Ting!!! I have a dog named Marshall, a cat named Frankie and 2 gerbils named Felix and Freddie!!
  4. deekaroni

    Friendly Check Up

    Hiya bin! I’m doing good and I hope to you are too! To answer your questions my; Favourite song of 2020: Nightmares by Easy Life Favourite song of 2021 (so far): Goldfish Crackers by Gold Revere Favourite movie I watched in 2020: Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 Anime: the only answer I can...
  5. deekaroni


    Ayyyyoooo jaycub and izzy on forums check?!
  6. deekaroni

    Later Minevast, I Mean Manacube, for Idk How Long

    Concon (please don’t kill me) I wish you luck with absolutely everything in the future! While I’ll miss seeing your name pop up in chat, you’ve got a bright and amazing life ahead of you!! And if you ever need anyone to remind you of how hip you are, I’ll gladly step in! <3
  7. deekaroni


    Hmmmmm I feel like I've seen you before :thinking:
  8. deekaroni


    Glad to have someone else on the hunt for my accent, it's been lost for many years now but maybe one day it will find it's way back to me
  9. deekaroni


    Haha yes ma'am I was! Just talk to any of my family members and you'll be able to tell quite easily
  10. deekaroni


    Hiya!!!! Happy late New Years to you too! I would gladly show you how to do some parkour, I'm not the best at it but I could show you a few tricks to make it easier for sure! I'm happy to make Manacube as an enjoyable for everyone else as it is for me :) I will admit boba tea is really good, and...
  11. deekaroni


    I'm hopping on the bandwagon here a little bit and finally doing an introduction! Ayo, I'm Izzy, I'm a moderator on parkour here on our wonderful little Manacube! I first joined the server in July of 2019, but that was before I actually got back into Minecraft so I didn't start playing actively...
  12. deekaroni

    Ask the person below a question!

    In my honest and completely unbiased opinion, the parkour mod deekaroni seems really nice ;) Fr though if I had to chose, it's gotta be either Purpz or Elly (no hate to everyone else I love you all!!!!!) On a scale of 1-10, how much do you love coffee (right answers only)
  13. deekaroni

    Match the Pet to the Owner! - Staff Edition

    I will give a little hint in saying that my boys like to snuggle ;) Any more guesses :thinking:
  14. deekaroni

    (ENTERING CLOSED!!!) 30 000 New Years Mana Giveaway!

    IGN: deekaroni My Christmas was great, ate way too much food!! You're an epic funny gamer
  15. deekaroni

    Match the Pet to the Owner! - Staff Edition

    Y'all haven't gotten mine right so far!!! Good luck though!!
  16. deekaroni

    What staff member do I copy my name after for a month?

    where's pengaroni o.O but like everyone else pengstr is kinda SICK
  17. deekaroni

    Random Questions List

    A- Age: 20 B- Biggest fear: Easily needles C- Current Job: full time uni student *big sad* D- Drink you last had: coffee E- Easiest person to talk to?: my mum F- Favorite song: Share Your Address by Ben Platt or Beverly Blues by Opia G- Ghosts, are they real?: No, but it'd be kinda cool if they...
  18. deekaroni

    Best Minecraft Client?

    I use Lunar and Badlion, however I only use Lunar for anything PVP based as it's amazing for that. Only downside to it, is that it doesn't support any versions that came out after 1.8.9. Not a biggie though, seeing as I prefer to PVP in 1.8.9. Badlion, I like for everything else, it gives me a...
  19. deekaroni

    Parkour Key Giveaway! (CLOSED)

    IGN: deekaroni Fav food: burgers are yummy Fav colour: purple