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  1. Sonic_Raptor

    Get a /hug from all the STAFF! (Challenge)

    I want more than a hug.
  2. Sonic_Raptor

    The Discovery of the Mana Cube, Fanmade Animation (Release date)

    Keen as always. @Dacon better be watching!
  3. Sonic_Raptor

    The journey of me playing on the islands server!

    Making Mob grinders is fun
  4. Sonic_Raptor

    Creative Cubit Payouts (Hear me Out)

    Creative needs less bugged world edit and 1.16 block choice not payouts.
  5. Sonic_Raptor

    Manacube Podcast

    I like this a lot sil
  6. Sonic_Raptor

    Remove Warnings from Player's Sight on Forums

    They are not a very big deal. It could be done I'm sure but I don't think its a good use of Dev's time or trying to convince Admins this would be needed. If people are throwing previous warns in your face let me know and we can work it out from there. He's both Breaking forum rules except for...
  7. Sonic_Raptor

    Mana Skyblock - First Reveal [1/3]

    I am so incredibly excited!
  8. Sonic_Raptor

    Petition to Add Holy Prots to All SSVS

    Trust me I'm aware that the pvp mains don't like the change there lol
  9. Sonic_Raptor

    Sumo duels

    There are already duels they are continuing to be rolled out across other game modes.
  10. Sonic_Raptor

    Yes or no

    Yes or no
  11. Sonic_Raptor

    Yes or no

    Yes or no
  12. Sonic_Raptor

    What used to be your favourite youtube channel that you don't watch anymore?

    Vanossgaming and an AFL YouTuber whose name is lost to me. Vanoss's content got stale and not funny and the AFL bloke stopped posting.
  13. Sonic_Raptor

    Petition to Add Holy Prots to All SSVS

    That is not what I said at all.
  14. Sonic_Raptor

    Petition to Add Holy Prots to All SSVS

    I don't like this idea at least how it's set out in its current state. Adding Holy scrolls to everything reduces the main draw of pvp zones such as warzone / koth (factions), /warp pvp (survival) or /warp volcano (Olympus). A huge part of the attraction to these areas as everyone knows is the...
  15. Sonic_Raptor

    Factions S15

    Looking good!
  16. Sonic_Raptor

    Banned, don't know why

    Whats your username?
  17. Sonic_Raptor

    Some Parkour Ideas for Change