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    A very big achievement

    I hit 180 forums posts. That's it thanks for coming to my Ted talk.
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    Compensation for dying/losing items to hackers

    So, its known problem in kitpvp that there are quite a lot of hackers and I personally think we should get something in return for correctly reporting hackers and show proof of what we lost. Many people (including me) have lost many sets and items to hackers and this would be just a lot more...
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    Kitpvp events

    So I generally like the ideas of events, but I haven't really seen any events leaning towards pvp (kitpvp). It would be great if we could come up with some ideas that could be held on, and perhaps even drive some more people to the kitpvp community and many of us can have something to look...
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    Why do you play Manacube specifically, compared to other servers

    Notice: i wrote this on a forum post but I wrote something completely different than what was asked so I decided to make my own :) Here's my answer: Tbh, I've never met a more kind, accepting and loving community like this. It may have only been 10 months since I've joined this server but I've...
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    Opinions about me

    Ik this could be seen as kinda selfish, but those that know me what are your honest thoughts and opinons about me? What did you think about me when u first met me compared to now. I just wanna know so I can maybe learn what I'm doing wrong and become a better person to the community :D
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    Alternative for /coinflip

    I know that u can just hit up arrow to coinflip again, but I really suggest making an alternative like /cf, /flip, or /coinf