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  1. Blurpyfied

    Rejected OldAntiqueDeskLamp - Expert

    Map Built by: Claptain_ Parkour Built by: BluePottwal Plot #: /plot home Claptain_ 19 Checkpoints: 7 Jumps:87 Pictures:
  2. Blurpyfied

    Ongoing 3D Printer Resubmission (EXPERT)

    /plot home Claptain_ 13 76 Jumps 7 Checkpoints
  3. Blurpyfied

    Rejected Ranboo's Anvil - Hard

    Yes ./plot home Claptain_ 12 (go to the top to find the map) Jumps: 79 Checkpoints: 9 Pictures: TP Block at the beginning (plain sight): 5783 234 1380
  4. Blurpyfied


  5. Blurpyfied

    Manacube SrMod + MANAger Tier List!

    S Tier @sil - S Tier: Does what he wants to do on his own time, also simps hard for dacon @Shinxray - S Tier: Does Stuff for parkour, called me a SPEED LOVER! (if someone has an ss of that, please post it.) A Tier @Christian - A Tier: HELP HER MANAgement (I'd put f tier but cause he banned me...
  6. Blurpyfied

    ManaCube Mods+ Tierlist

    S Tier @LiLKayla - S Tier: unEVENTful LEADER who should host a movie event on the discord) (DM Me on discord Kayla and I can explain some ideas for it!) @Faudon - S Tier: At first I thought fau was a girl but then I became friends with them. A Tier @anxi - A Tier: Remember that girl from Brave...
  7. Blurpyfied

    Manacube Mods Tierlist

    I'm EVIL but also cute and happy. S Tier No one cause they are not good enough for it. If @Shinxray was a "mod", he'd be the only one to fit it. A Tier @Sonic_Raptor - A Tier: you wat m8? At first I thought it was just another random getting staff but then I spoke to him a few times in discord...
  8. Blurpyfied

    Manacube Admin Tierlist (All Admins + Dacon)

    Reasons Why they are in these tiers below: @ChocBar - S Tier: Helpful, Kind, Smart, she's someone you need to look up to during your journey through ManaCube @Dynsalir - S Tier: Funny, He'll come out of know where to make you laugh @SunsetMagic - A Tier: Fixes stuff, Responds quickly to dm's...
  9. Blurpyfied

    Rejected Vacuum - Donator Hard

    5 Checkpoints 60 Jumps /plot home Blurpyfied 12 Vacuum - Donator Hard Made by: Blurpyfied Parkour fixer / helper: BDOsborne
  10. Blurpyfied

    OG Only Thread

    teehee anyways, the only way to reply to this thread, is that if you played mana/minevast from 2013-2016 (before the Mojang agreement) (NO THIS IS NOT A JOKE, I'm just curious to see how many people still play mana, that who played back in the day and still play it.)
  11. Blurpyfied

    Rejected Teletubbies PK - Donator Easy

    39 Jumps 6 checkpoints /plot home Blurpyfied 11
  12. Blurpyfied

    Don't Break the Chain

    Don't break the chain How it works: Me: Fortnite is fun staff/normal forum member: Fortnite isn't fun next poster would say Fortnite isn't fun or say a different word. Making it cursed is allowed. Let me start:
  13. Blurpyfied

    Rejected 3D Printer - Donator Expert

    Made By: Blurpyfied /plot home Blurpyfied 13 Jumps: 96 Difficulty: Donator Expert Checkpoints: 6 Any suggestions on fixing the parkour are appreciated, dm me on discord Noah!#4260 with any nerfs/buffs.
  14. Blurpyfied

    Rejected BookBagPk - Easy

    I completely forgot I made this map. /plot home Blurpyfied 8 (towards the back) Jumps: 23 Checkpoints: 2
  15. Blurpyfied

    Rejected The Backyardigans - Insane

    So yes, long time without making a map. Map Maker: Blurpyfied Parkour adjuster: JustKyr0 Jumps: 155 (there is a 4 question quiz that I made /Plot home Blurpyfied 5 Difficulty: Insane Pictures: I may have missed a few directional areas, so if you find them please post them in the tread...
  16. Blurpyfied

    Rejected TommyInnit - Expert

    a lot of you higher ups might be mad at me, but why not. Difficulty: Expert Jumps:82 Checkpoints:6 /plot home Blurpyfied 7 and go up.
  17. Blurpyfied

    Rejected Penguin - Easy

    Made By:Blurpyfied Difficulty Easy Tested by xenobyte and qMika 35 Jumps 4 Checkpoints /plot home Blurpyfied 20 Screenshots:
  18. Blurpyfied

    Rejected Bathtub - Medium

    Medium Made By: Blurpyfied Parkour Maker/Helper: bomberboy124 Jumps:49 Checkpoints:4 Tester: Repuloh Plot: /plot home Blurpyfied 21 Images:
  19. Blurpyfied

    Rejected Regular Show - Hard Donator

    Yes you read the title Hard Donator I get that the map has 60 jumps but it is hard. /plot home Blurpyfied 15 and then go up Helpers:ampev,MilesIsReal Screenshots hope you like it
  20. Blurpyfied

    Idek what to title this...

    Ok so ive been reading some of the ideas and feedback here and sometimes I'll see "for a better chance go to the suggestions page" imo i think you should change it from ideas and feedback to just feedback as most ideas usually go to the suggestions page.