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  1. tinyScorpio13


    Hi! I've had this forums account for a bit now, but I just noticed there's an Introductions forum! So hello everyone! My Minecraft username is tinyScorpio13, but everyone just calls me Tiny. I currently solely play Olympus - Atlas at the moment, but I've always been a fan of Skyblock, Factions...
  2. tinyScorpio13

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons Island Name Poll

    Hi guys! I know this isn't Minecraft or Manacube related, but I trust y'all to help me out with this. I don't have ACNH (Animal Crossing: New Horizons) yet and have been (im)patiently waiting for its release (yesterday - 3/20/20), I still haven't decided on an island name. It can't be changed...