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  1. Viddey

    I Miss U Riffet

    #FREERIFFET #UNBANRIFFET i already miss u boy
  2. Viddey

    Trace Pickaxe On Factions

    Hi i have a idea for next season and the idea is a trace pickaxe bcz i have seen on other servers when they are building bases and when they are going to remove the traces (The Netherrack u place genbuckets on) u use a trace pickaxe and the pickaxe removes every netherrack in a area of like...
  3. Viddey

    Died of lag

    Im just wondering if u guys can fix the lag bcz yesterday died at koth on factions bcz the game froze in like 3 sec and when the game "unfrozed" guess what, Ye u guessed right i was DEAD. Im just wondering if i can be able to get the slayer set i was in and my Sharp 5 axe back bc its not a fair...
  4. Viddey

    Factions idea

    Can you guys make a cannon server for manacube bc its har to know what cannon work or not? How many of the people that plays factions do want a cannon server?