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  1. tinyScorpio13

    Manacube QOTD #3

    My favorite mob is also the fox! But I wish that different dog variants were added already. I feel like that update should've come with the cat update :/ penguins would be nice too!
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    Manacube QOTD #2

  3. tinyScorpio13

    Manacube QOTD #2

  4. tinyScorpio13

    Manacube QOTD #2

    my favorite mods are Minecraft Comes Alive and the Cocricot mod!
  5. tinyScorpio13


    Hey! I'm Lila and I'm 17. I love playing video games (Minecraft, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and Stardew Valley are my faves!) and writing :)
  6. tinyScorpio13

    Thanksgiving Giveaway of 75 Cubits!!!

    IGN: tinyScorpio13 Discord: tiny#4510 Fave Manacube Memory: When Jecksun bought me VIP and the Apollo tag because he wanted me to have /nick
  7. tinyScorpio13

    Admin help

    Hey! This is a little late, but in case this happens again: Do /ah and click on the:mc_264-0: in the bottom left corner. This will pull up all of the items you're currently selling. Click all of them to cancel and re-put them on /ah. It's a bit awkward, but that should do the trick. Hope this...
  8. tinyScorpio13

    Scrambler idea

    I think that'd be a nice addition to all game modes! Different rewards for different speeds. Maybe not a first, second, third type of system but say if you get under 1.5 seconds you'd get 300 mana, under 2 you'd get 250, under 3 you'd get 200, and so on. Most game modes would have varying...
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    This is my 500th post!

    I've got a long way to go....oopsies...anyway hi acid :)
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    How did you come up with your Minecraft username?

    I've had a stupid amount of usernames in the 6 years I've had this account. Most of them relate to an old server I used to play. My very first username was GoldenCheese1, and as lovely as that is, I didn't like being called "Cheese" by my friends. I was hoping for Goldie...Anyway, I took a 2...
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    this is extremely valid, but is it also valid when you don't have a lot of milk left? sometimes when milk is running low I pour it first so I don't screw up the cereal:milk ratio
  12. tinyScorpio13

    Perks for Patron and Patron+ ranks

    I didn't know you guys had a suggestions website! Thanks for telling us, Kayla!
  13. tinyScorpio13

    Perks for Patron and Patron+ ranks

    Whether or not Patron and Patron+ are classified as ranks, I have to agree. I'm not a Patron, but the people who spend so much money on the server deserve more than just a prefix and a crown. I think there should at least a Patron crate (like the one Elites get), special kits that come with...
  14. tinyScorpio13

    what is the point of plots?

    This reply is a bit late, sorry! Bloro and Hapy's responses are perfect. Plots are meant to help make money in other ways besides mining. Or, you can just build as you please! Personally, I have a cactus farm, iron golem grinder, and a mob grinder on my Atlas plot. If you ever want to check them...
  15. tinyScorpio13

    Multiple Rankup plugin

    This is a really good idea! Yes, people have suggested this before, but the more people that suggest it, maybe it's more likely to happen? Whenever I rank up really fast I get timed out or kicked to the hub so this would be super helpful for me.
  16. tinyScorpio13

    Ideas to help fix the filtering

    I understand your intentions with this, but Dacon and the staff members have much more important matters to deal with. The chat censor isn't broken. Yes, it can be improved upon, but it's the least of the staff's worries. Also, for "2. Make it so the f word isn't censored to players with over 50...
  17. tinyScorpio13

    How do I make a spawner farm.

    Hi! Pig farms are kind of awkward, but with a little redstone it's no problem at all. My friend xNiteowlx did this for me and I haven't had an issue since. The pistons have a delay so that the pigs have time to spawn. This can also be used for cows! The hoppers NEED to be in a circle like...
  18. tinyScorpio13

    This server is a scam

    I'm sorry this happened to you! Just because you didn't receive an item doesn't mean the whole server is a scam. Was your inventory full at the time by any chance? Did you not click the "Yes, I read the terms and conditions" button? Whatever the reason, if the order went through and Dacon...
  19. tinyScorpio13

    Road to being a staff member

    Good luck on your application! Please consider this though (I learned it the hard way) - Staff managers look for replies that help people that ask questions on forums as well as discord. They don't consider a post like this or a reply to a game to be one of your 20 posts.