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  1. JavaElite

    Discord Link

    Any chance someone could supply me with the discord link for the main manacube server. Computer is mia currently and for the everlasting life of me cannot find a working link. My thank yous are in advance Java
  2. JavaElite

    Why you should redeem your kits, every single day.

    This will be a long post, so bear with me LOL. Recently I sat down and was curious as to what the maximum potential for kits are, throughout the entire season. In this thread, i'm gonna break down each kit, a short description and show how much sweet sweet loot you can receive if you redeem...
  3. JavaElite

    Suggestion about Elite join message.

    For now, I would like to see community feedback before I post an actual suggestion, so yes this thread is in the correct place. What if the join messages like [ELITE] JavaElite has arrived. Seems OP -- pls nerf [ELITE] JavaElite had joined, as the prophecy foretold. [ELITE] JavaElite has...
  4. JavaElite

    Chunks not Loading.

    I recently joined Hyrule, which if you don't know is a massive beautiful town filled with spectacular builds and details. I'm making this thread today not only for myself but for others who are experiencing the same issue. (I'm assuming there are others) I cant experience the beauty of Hyrule...