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  1. CreeperSlayer

    No sponsor ?

    will that go on his criminal record?
  2. CreeperSlayer

    REMOVE SPAWNPK 4x2-1s!

    and i disagree, obtaining jumper doesnt need to get any easier than it already is
  3. CreeperSlayer

    REMOVE SPAWNPK 4x2-1s!

    the answer is 7
  4. CreeperSlayer

    70k Mana Giveaway!

    IGN: CreeperSlayer Disc: Crepe#1200 Reason: your creative /nicks exude great moxie
  5. CreeperSlayer

    What used to be your favourite youtube channel that you don't watch anymore?

    Before DreamSMP and Hermitcraft, the biggest SMP youtube group server was called Mindcrack. I used to watch them all religiously around 2011-2013. Aside from the guys that joined Hermitcraft, the majority of their channels are dead af now :(
  6. CreeperSlayer

    Parkour Achievements

    love this idea
  7. CreeperSlayer

    My Favorite Manacube Expert Maps

    how can you forget Random find me a map with better block variation
  8. CreeperSlayer

    Some Parkour Ideas for Change

    To be honest, I quite like the announcements in chat. It might not be the same for everyone, but I saw it as an incentive to rankup when I started playing. I like your other ideas.
  9. CreeperSlayer

    ManaPVP Season 11