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    This is seriously a major problem...

    Please stop responding everyone, the movement worked and pork prices are back up to where they originally were and the community is happy...
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    This is seriously a major problem...

    Acting like a mod, please go away..
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    You wouldn't Believe this Even If I TOLD YOU!!!!

    -movement worked-
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    This is seriously a major problem...

    D: Pork was sadly nerfed not too long ago and I really do feel it needs to just be left alone at 300. Lowering the sell price of pork really has upset many players and isn't overall good for the people who only have 1 or 2 spawners. Sure 10k spawners may make a lot of money, but what about the...
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    I'll never be what I used to be but I'll also never know what I'm going to be ;-;

    I'll never be what I used to be but I'll also never know what I'm going to be ;-;
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    You're a potato
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    [Forum Game] Yes or No?

    Yee I like fried shrimp Do you like going on walks/runs
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    what do you think

    20 is a soft requirement btw..
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    Hi cosmic

    Hi cosmic
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    Swearing / Filters

    N-a is just an alt use of n-r and shouldn't be allowed, especially on the Skyblock server and maybe the rest, like parkour.
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    Want an upgrade (17,5$)

    No, if you wanted, you could watch ads for cubits as well as vote for them. But, if you wanted cubits quickly, then yes.
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    Swearing / Filters

    I just think the 'n' word with an 'r' AND an 'a' shouldn't be allowed on any server period, but it is. A lot of people don't agree with it, but unless the whole server complains to xDacon, then it's not likely to be changed ... sadly.
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    Want an upgrade (17,5$)

    @Wolf_Lover166 Well, if @Mr_oak bought 17.50 cubits for 52.5m~ (17.50 times 3m), then he could buy the vip to vip+ upgrade....
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    New Title Fit for the Alpha

    The things I've seen you say/do are bad and I believe you deserved to be punished... HOWEVER I am not saying staff are perfect. If you feel there is an issue, you may report a staff member (or several) using the forum dedicated to it.
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    Im new

    Welcome to Skyblock cmm__ :D alsooo sorry for late welcome ;-;
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    Oregens and lag in general

    3k pistons is too many, we already know redstone lags the server @Clout__Gang . I think a smaller limit like 1500 would be much better. Also, yes, I know oregens aren't the only source of lag, but they do drop tps a lot.
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    How's your life going?

    This is just depressing. Why tf would they laugh at you? Also, I'll talk to you!!!!