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  1. xSemo

    Burger King [Medium]

    Hey thanks for the feedback, I patched up the cheat and decorated the interior more. I also added a few more jumps on the outside.
  2. xSemo

    Poke Stadium [Expert]

    Thanks guys, I really appreciate it :D
  3. xSemo

    Spawn [Easy]

    Map creator: xSemo Map name: Spawn Photos: Plot: /plot v xSemo 12 or /plot v 33;-61 Difficulty: Easy Jumps: 33
  4. xSemo

    Poke Stadium [Expert]

    Map creator: xSemo Map name: Poke Stadium Photos: Plot: /plot v xSemo 11 or /plot v 34;-61 Difficulty: Expert Jumps: 84
  5. xSemo

    Burger King [Medium]

    Haha yeah, I originally was making a McDonalds map and only realized after I've finished it that there already was one, so I switched it up to Burger King. I'll test it out with the clay and see how it looks, thanks for the feedback :D
  6. xSemo

    Burger King [Medium]

    Map creator: xSemo Map name: Burger king Photos: Plot: /plot v xSemo 10 or /plot v 35;-61 Difficulty: Medium Jumps: 34
  7. xSemo

    Goku [Hard]

    Inspired by the Dragon Ball character "Goku". Map creator: xSemo Map name: Goku Photos: Plot: "/plot v xSemo 9" or "/plot v 36;-61" Difficulty: Hard Jumps: 69
  8. xSemo

    Rejected Creek [Insane]

    I appreciate the feedback, I tried to add more signs and carpet to make the path more viewable. That first jump is possible, you need to gather momentum! If you wouldn’t mind showing me where the skips are so I could patch em up that’d be appreciated :)
  9. xSemo

    Rejected Cove [Medium]

    Username: xSemo Map name: Cove Photos: Difficulty: Medium Jumps: 49
  10. xSemo

    Addison Apartments - Hard

  11. xSemo

    Grand Father Clock // Insane

    Map is well built and the parkour is really fun. +1 :D
  12. xSemo


    ign: xSemo I like free stuff
  13. xSemo

    This is seriously a major problem...

    buff the bacon
  14. xSemo

    You wouldn't Believe this Even If I TOLD YOU!!!!

    give the people what they want
  15. xSemo

    Rejected Gateau [Easy]

    Username: xSemo Map name: Gateau Plot: "/plot visit xSemo 7" or "/plot visit 38;-61" Difficulty: Easy Jumps: 33
  16. xSemo

    Rejected Creek [Insane]

    Thanks for the feedback! I removed the square on the bottom of the map and tried to make the pathway more clear to see. I also nerfed some of the jumps.
  17. xSemo

    Rejected Creek [Insane]

    Username: xSemo Map name: Creek Photos: Plot: "/plot visit xSemo 6" or /plot visit 39;-61" Difficulty: Insane Jumps: ~110
  18. xSemo

    Grand Canyon [Hard]

    Hey thanks for the feedback! After doin the parkour a couple times I gotta agree with you guys, it is a bit too hard for a hard difficulty. I don’t think I have room to add more jumps and make it expert, so I’ll try my best to make some of the jumps a bit easier.
  19. xSemo

    Grand Canyon [Hard]

    Username: xSemo Map Name: Grand Canyon Screenshots: Plot: "/plot visit xSemo 5" or "/plot visit 40;-61" Difficulty: Hard Jumps: 66
  20. xSemo

    Rejected Blossom [Medium]

    Hey thanks for the feedback, I suppose the map could be set to a hard difficulty, but I’ll leave that up to the map judges.