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  1. Ohna

    e-??? D:

    e-??? D:
  2. Ohna

    Just a question

    Forum post doesn't matter in some cases. I didn't need the required amount. I think it does state that in some situations it doesn't matter. Thus, they accepted me and was okay I didn't have many posts.
  3. Ohna

    KitPvP Community Poll

    I think Kit community is nice. Yes, they get salty but most of the time it's wonderful. Players have really kind hearts and I adore the players more then they'll ever know. <3
  4. Ohna

    Good luck!

    Good luck!
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  6. Ohna

    Hello i love u

    I love you too
  7. Ohna

    Finished Creative Build Contest - September 28th-30th

    Ohna and tumms