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  1. Presidenten

    Globe - Medium

    Globe Medium 40 Jumps 5 Checkpoints Made by Presidenten /plot v Presidenten 4
  2. Presidenten


    Original theme, even though we got some console maps already Build is accurate but I don't like the block choice, you should replace the stone with quartz, wool or clay. (it looks much better in your texture pack than it does with the normal one) Parkour is bad, it is a little too hard for...
  3. Presidenten

    Shaggy - Hard

    Shaggy (from scooby doo) Hard 71 Jumps 5 Checkpoints Made by Presidenten /plot v Presidenten 3
  4. Presidenten

    Laundry - Expert

    Laundry Expert 98 Jumps 7 Checkpoints Made by Presidenten /plot v Presidenten 2
  5. Presidenten

    Bob Ross - Medium

    Very unique and fun theme, build is simple but good. Even though i'm not a fan that everything is made out of clay. Parkour is fine, there is enough variation, some jumps may be too hard for medium though. Good luck!
  6. Presidenten

    Rejected Acacia Forest - Medium

    Theme isn't really orignal, we already have many forest/trees maps. Build isn't bad, but there isn't a main build, just a bunch of floating islands, which is unoriginal too. Parkour is, as mentioned above way too long to be enjoyable. It is also pretty boring as there is no variety in jumps...
  7. Presidenten

    Accepted Maze Bank - Insane

    Maze Bank (from GTA V) Insane 158 Jumps 11 Checkpoints Made by Presidenten /plot v Presidenten 20
  8. Presidenten

    Accepted Burger King [Medium]

    As tas said, the theme is somewhat unoriginal but still works, however, I'm not a fan of this build as it feels very flat and poorly designed, the enviroment around works but the structure should have more details on the outside. And please do something about the empty inside. It just doesn't...
  9. Presidenten

    Accepted Gas Station - Easy

    Gas Station Easy 25 Jumps 2 Checkpoints Made by Presidenten Helped by Taslekio /plot v Presidenten 8
  10. Presidenten

    Goku [Hard]

    Unique theme and very well made build. It may be a little messy with all the glass around but don't think its a problem in this case. The parkour got nice variety but there a few jumps that are reeeally hard without speed. Such as the jumps around left leg and the jump to the enchantment table...
  11. Presidenten

    Rejected Plantera - Expert

    nah its not based of the boss, if you read the signs in the map it says its a game with the same name thanks though :D
  12. Presidenten

    Rejected Plantera - Expert

    Plantera Expert 87 Jumps 5 Checkpoints Made by Presidenten /plot v Presidenten 2
  13. Presidenten

    Accepted Mailbox - Medium

    Mailbox Medium 48 Jumps 3 Checkpoints Made by Presidenten /plot v Presidenten 7
  14. Presidenten

    Rejected Treasure Parkour Insane!!!!

    What are you talking about lol Im just giving an honest review of what I think about the map
  15. Presidenten

    Reviewing Addison Apartments - Hard

    Build looks very nice and accurate to the first image, the parkour is somewhat confusing, perhaps place some more signs to lead the way. I also find some jumps pretty hard for hard parkour, but I don't think it is a problem really. +1 for me, good luck!
  16. Presidenten

    Accepted Fire Department - Hard

    Fire Department Hard 75 Jumps 5 Checkpoints Made by Presidenten /plot v Presidenten 4
  17. Presidenten

    Rejected Treasure Parkour Insane!!!!

    I have to go with a -1 for this Theme is kind of original, even though there a lot of "big block" maps already. The build is fine, but very simple, especially on the outside. You should add some more details on the build. The yellow line of blocks feels out of place too. Parkour is bad, it...
  18. Presidenten

    Rejected Creek [Insane]

    + The theme is pretty original and good. The build could have more detail but is also fine to be accepted imo. But I don't like that everything is on a square, you should remove the dirt blocks outside of the mountains. - It's very confusing and hard to find the correct path, you should add...
  19. Presidenten

    Accepted Spider Nest - Easy

    Spider Nest Easy 29 Jumps 2 Checkpoints Made by Presidenten /plot v Presidenten 6
  20. Presidenten

    Rejected Wind Turbine - Expert

    Wind Turbine Expert 95 Jumps 7 Checkpoints Made by Presidenten /plot v Presidenten 5 ( Sorry if it is too large ;-; )