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  1. Ayn234

    The Merge

    sus imposter amongus :flushed:
  2. Ayn234

    Draw a face on this dog and repost

    as a reference to my pfp on discord
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    Manacube Mods Tierlist

    this is my new favorite thread
  4. Ayn234

    ManaPVP Season 11

    I can't wait for this update! A little suggestion: put items into the hotbar slots automatically. For example, if I put my bow into my 3 slot, then it will automatically put my bow into my 3 slot when i respawn so I dont have to do anything. It's not much, but it could be helpful since it can...
  5. Ayn234

    Name Meaning

    my real name is A y _ _ n, so I went with Ayn a few years ago for whatever reason and since every pro gamer needs 3 consecutive numbers at the end of their name (common knowledge) I used 234 since 123 is overused and bad
  6. Ayn234

    Global Elite Rank Giveaway

    123456789 IGN: Ayn234 current rank: mvp discord: Ayn234#9976
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    11=onetey one

    11=onetey one
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    nobody knows my age :) and if you tell them you're lying :)
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    Favorite song?

    edit: this isn't a joke, this is actually a pretty slapping song
  11. Ayn234

    i have deleted my party

    idk why i had to share this but i had to i honestly didn't know what to expect from 1 day after deleting the party, but it was much worse than what i thought. literally everything of value was stolen. and if stone bricks were valuable, then the base walls would have been torn down as well. stay...
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    No date me first

    No date me first
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    when girls say that you need to be 6ft wide but you're 6ft tall: *sad skyscraper noises*

    when girls say that you need to be 6ft wide but you're 6ft tall: *sad skyscraper noises*
  15. Ayn234

    Purple is just slightly darker blue. Change my mind.

    purple is best color change my mind
  16. Ayn234

    What’s the stupidest reason you got in trouble in school?

    Once in 7th grade I had given my teacher the homework assignment that we were supposed to do. And I did it. Well, I forgot it on my desk at home and realized this when I got to school in the morning. So when she asked "Did you do your homework?", I said "Yes, but I forgot it at home." And she...
  17. Ayn234

    Whats your favorite number?

    69420 because its the GAMER NUMBER im surpirsed no one said this yet
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    What's the best moment you've had on ManaCube?

    A friend of mine gave me a diamond chestplate on Skyblock about 5 months or so ago. I still have it to this day! (if you're wondering how its special, shut up, she doesn't play on the server anymore so i'm keeping it okay?)