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  1. Ayn234

    i have deleted my party

    idk why i had to share this but i had to i honestly didn't know what to expect from 1 day after deleting the party, but it was much worse than what i thought. literally everything of value was stolen. and if stone bricks were valuable, then the base walls would have been torn down as well. stay...
  2. Ayn234

    Make headless CE useful

    On Skyblock (and maybe other gamemodes, i main skyblock so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ) mobs have a 10% chance to drop heads. Which is okay, but I feel like having the Headless custom enchantment should increase the chances a bit, considering it literally has no use at the moment. However, I feel having a high...
  3. Ayn234

    "Rasputin" lyrics chain

    The rules are simple. Someone will say the first line of the song "Rasputin", then someone else will reply to that comment with the next line, and then someone else replies with the next line... and so on. ***YOU CANNOT REPLY TO YOUR OWN COMMENT! AND ONLY 1 LINE PER COMMENT*** Here's the link...
  4. Ayn234

    Be able to toggle fly in parkour practice

    This seems to happen a lot to me since I usually tap the spacebar when I jump and I don't hold it down. Maybe fly could be on by default, and /fly to toggle off, then /fly to toggle on again? Sort of like how fly works in survival or Skyblock.
  5. Ayn234

    What's your favorite quote that came from your friends?

    Mine is probably "What's this? A statue of another girl? I see how it is..." - Mariah (we were playing on skyblock)
  6. Ayn234


    In case you haven't noticed by the title, I don't like talking, or any social events whatsoever (I like positive attention tho) Either way, hey, I'm Ayn234, my real name is A y _ _ n (lets see who will be the first to guess) I'm from Florida, and my birthday is on May 22. Nobody knows how old I...
  7. Ayn234

    "Never gonna give you up" lyrics chain

    The rules are simple. A person will say the first line of the song "Never gonna give you up", then another person will reply to that with the next line, and then the next person... you get the idea. Will we be able to sing the entire song? We're about to find out. Also, according to youtube...
  8. Ayn234

    Event idea: Massive Hide & Seek in the lobby

    The title explains itself. A game of hide and seek in the lobby. I'm just making a suggestion, so I guess the staff can decide a time and date, but I would love to see something like this. I feel like this would be interesting because the lobby is huge and too many places to hide...
  9. Ayn234

    First post yay

    I wanted to make my first post but didn't know what to do, so here.