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    Adding longer nicknames/ color codes not counting towards cap

    yeah, i find it really annoying that with bold, you need to manually set every letter to bold with each colour. I dream of a 5 letter name all with different colours and bold.
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    Staff application advice

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    youre cool

    youre cool
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    Ongoing Bowsers Castle - Expert

    one day, a map called bowser's castle will exist on manacube parkour, but when that day will be, no one knows.
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    anyone want some cheesy garlic bread?

    anyone want some cheesy garlic bread?
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    Former Staff

    i cant remember. mightve been august or july or smth
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    Former Staff

    oh yeah recently (last few weeks) pk has lost: Jashhy, Tiger, Izzy, Jacobsfunparty, Samantha, Patty and Anacoustic. might be others that ive forgotten
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    Staff application advice

    no one is objectively innocent. everyone has secrets.
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    forget how to read, problem solved.

    forget how to read, problem solved.
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    If you got any random thoughts please share

    i applied for staff while drunk
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    Reviewing BuffySwag - Staff Application

    at one point i played islands after it reset, and i did enjoy it for a while, but then i slowly lost interest and stopped playing. i just didnt have the motivation to; parkour was luring me back. also i didnt mention the fact that i have played a bit of kitpvp (before and after the ban) and am...
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    Reviewing BuffySwag - Staff Application

    Your Minecraft Username BuffySwag What server are you applying for Parkour --------------------------------------------- First Name I'd rather not say, but I can tell staff if necessary. Country or Timezone GMT Age 18 Discord username Buffy#1111...
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    clear skin

    yeah from what ive heard, this doesnt have much to do with the helper/mod/mod+ team as whole. they knew just as little as everyone else until all this shit kicked off, and they're not the ones who handle staff reports :/ give am least a little bit of slack, people are finding out that people...
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    clear skin

    oh shit
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    Big ass thread for talking about parkour.

    I wanted to make a place where I could vent all my frustrations and problems with parkour in one place in the hope that they might be acted upon if structured in a sensible way. I'm going to talk about the rankup system, reasons behind player burnout and quitting and a couple of things about the...
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    clear skin

    why can't you people let some other people be wholesome and friendly and talk about skincare? let people have a nice time
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    September 2021

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    clear skin

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    Get a /hug from all the STAFF! (Challenge)

    sorry not sorry for bumping this thread.